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    Our Higher Logic-Salesforce® Case Connector

    HLS Gif V3


    Optimized Online Communities

    Optimize your online community by creating an uninterrupted bi-directional flow of data between Higher Logic and Service Cloud

    Reduced Support Cost

    Diminish the workload on your Support team through easy case-deflection with the help of suggestive search and save on your support cost

    Real-Time Case Transfer

    Reduce the time for case resolution through real-time transfer of cases and case comments

    Premium Support and Maintenance

    Receive round the clock excellent support and maintenance assistance from our community experts

    Here’s What You Can Do

    Suggestive Case Search

    Improves the chances of case deflection by suggesting the right answers with already existing articles

    Branding Maintenance

    Configure forms, webpage layout, color scheme, font style and size easily while adhering to your brand guidelines to provide an enriched user experience

    Exclusive Support for Premium Users

    Offer your premium customers exclusive 24 hours support access for easier case creation

    Partners Support

    Help your partners in providing better customer service by furnishing them with access to create and escalate cases on their customers’ behalf

    Easier Case Escalation

    Make case escalation process more seamless for your users by enabling a ‘single-click case escalation mechanism’

    Smoother Data-Sync

    Create a channel for uninterrupted bi-directional flow of information between community users and support agents for an improved experience

    Smoother Case Management

    Authorize your users to view case progression, closed case history, support team’s comments, and, to respond to those comments from a single screen. Cases can also be re-opened, edited, and closed again

    Administrative Control

    Modify the configurations in the connector as per your business need. The connector is highly dynamic, configurable, and customizable

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