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    With QuickStart Sales Process Optimization, get a Sales Process customized and automated just your way! Experience

    • A boost in Productivity
    • More deals closed
    • A deeper view into the process
    • Accurate Forecasting


    Select a Sales Cloud® Implementation Package


    Setup Time

    Lead Management & Marketing

    • Define Web-to-Lead
    • Import Lead
    • Other tools (eg. Marketo, SEM, Google AdWords)
    • Lead Process and Record types
    • Lead Assignment Rules
    • Auto Response Rule
    • Define security Control
    • Page Layouts and fields
    • Analytics (Reports & Dashboard)

    Sales Management

    • Lead to Account, Contact and Opportunity Conversion
    • Define Sales Process
    • Configure Products and Pricebooks
    • Cofigure Quote and Approval Process
    • Define security Control
    • Page Layouts and fields


    • QA and other verification
    • Project Management


    • Lead Conversion Customizaion
    • Round Robin Lead Autorouting
    • Different Opportunities
    • Asset and Entitlement Management
    • Sales Forecasting
    • Territory management
    • Multi Currency Feature Enablement

    Advanced features

    • Social Media Lead Gen
    • Accounting Software Intgration
    • Configure CPQ
    • Configure Approval Process
    • Advance Forecasting
    • Email Marketing
    • Gamification
    • iPhone & Android Integration with Sales Cloud

    6 Weeks

    8 Weeks

    10 Weeks

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