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    Identify Bottlenecks for Peak Performance With a Comprehensive QA Audit

    • li-circleAutomation Feasibility Analysis/POC
    • li-circleProcess Automation Analysis/POC
    • li-circleAutomated API Tests
    • li-circleApplication Performance Metrics
    • li-circleScanning Broken Links or Images
    • li-circleWebsite’s Form to Lead Validation
    • li-circleADA Compliance
    • li-circleCompatibility Audit – Browser/Devices/OS
    • li-circleUI/UX Analysis
    • li-circleLocalization Audit

    Fully Accredited QA Expertise

    Certified Tester Foundation Level
    Certified Tester Model based tester
    Certified Tester Foundation level Agile Tester
    Certified Tester performance testing
    Certified Tester Advance level

    Powering Success With a Dynamic Tech Stack