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    12 New Marketo Engage Features to Amplify Your Marketing Operations

    As a marketer, you’re constantly thinking of ways to continuously engage customers at every single touchpoint of their journey.

    And Marketo Engage is a marketing automation platform that has the power to support all facets of modern marketing and enables you to attract, acquire, and retain customers.

    To take its powers up a notch, team Marketo introduced some cool new features recently. These new features can help you to cater to the changing marketing needs, improve business operations, and positively impact your ROI.

    And to make the most of your Marketo Engage investment, it’s important to be apprised of all the fresh and the latest ongoings in the world of Marketo.

    In this article, we’ll talk about why Marketo is a great fit for marketers and the new & cool features and advancements under Marketo Engage’s hood.

    The Current Usage of Marketo Engage Across Industries – A Statistical Picture

    Marketo, undoubtedly, is one of the leaders in the marketing automation industry. Different industries use Marketo Engage to deliver personalized experiences to their customers at scale.

    Here’s a breakdown of the present state of the Marketo Engage usage.

    According to Enlyft[i] there are 58,890 companies using Marketo Engage, out of which:

    • 4,974 are computer software
    • 4,924 are information technology
    • 2,588 are retail
    • 2,413 are marketing & advertising

    Also, 62% of Marketo Engage customers are in the United States. And out of all the customers that are using Marketo Engage, 32% (<50 employees) are small businesses, 46% are medium-sized and 21% (>1000 employees) are large.

    12 New Features of Marketo to Boost Your Marketing Efforts

    Marketo is the ultimate solution that empowers you to acquire new leads, nurture them into customers, and grow your business. And now this powerful platform has introduced many new features to streamline marketing processes and boost productivity. We’ve listed 12 new features and add-ons that will help you amplify your business operations.


    1. Update Screen in Modern UX

    In modern UX (formerly known as Next-generation Experience), you’ll get additional information in the new ‘Used By’ UI tab for Landing Page template and form details, thus, simplifying asset management. Also, during the previous update, additional refreshed screens were added that offered updated designs and usability enhancements that are easily accessible via a toggle switch.

    • Snippet List View
    • Landing Page Template List

    2. Marketing Impact Analytics

    The new release enhances the capability of its analytics tool – Marketo Measure Ultimate (formerly known as Bizible). The improvement uses Adobe Experience Platform (AEP) as the default B2B data source, allowing Marketo Measure’s attribution reporting to use data from any CRM and MAP. A neat improvement to measure the true impact of your marketing efforts.

    3. Personalization in Meeting Confirmation

    With personalization in meeting confirmation for dynamic chat, agents can personalize emails using person and company fields from Marketo Engage to engage better with visitors.

    4. Define Picklist in Info Capture Card for Dynamic Chat

    To ensure that your data is clean, you can define picklists for information capture cards so, visitors can select only from a predefined list of options.

    5. Scheduled Meeting Email Notification for Dynamic Chat

    With this new add-on, you can receive an email notification with details, when a meeting is booked on your calendar. (You receive detailed booking information including information about the visitor’s Dynamic Chat Engagement)

    6. Chatbot Date/Time Picker for Dynamic Chat

    With this feature, visitors can use the calendar picker to choose a date and time rather than enter the date manually.

    7. API Enhancements

    By using the bulk export API information feature, you can now view the daily capacity allocation for your subscriptions and view the amount of daily capacity allocation that has been utilized in the past seven days.

    8. Enhanced Features of Email Templates

    With this new feature, you’ll see additional information related to assets using the email template including Asset Status and Last Modified By. Also, you can search, sort, and filter the list of used assets. All this makes asset management a breeze.

    9. Report Asset Filter Modals

    Marketo Engage users will now be able to display a new asset tree in the configuration menu and a filter for Date Created and Modified. Also, there’s a new design for report configuration modals in the modern UX that offers an updated look & feel with improved accessibility.

    10. Adobe Privacy Service Integration

    To stay compliant with security processes, Adobe Privacy Service Integration has been introduced. With this feature, you can harmonize with privacy services to automate compliance with data privacy regulations across Experience Cloud products. However, currently, this service is only available to Marketo Engage customers that have been onboarded to the Adobe Identity Management system.

    11. Bulk Lead Import

    To reduce the complexity and the number of API calls required during the bulk lead import process, you’ll now have parity with lead REST API to associate leads with sales reps.

    12. Sales Insight Integration with Dynamic Chat

    This feature enhances every opportunity on your website by targeting both leads and accounts with 1:1 personalized conversations. Insights Dashboard in Marketo now includes Dynamic Chat activities in the Smart Grid along with a weekly summary and detail cards.

    The Bottom Line

    These new Marketo Engage add-ons and features will help you manage every aspect of your marketing strategy with ease. Also, these powerful features are packed with everything your business needs to operate efficiently and orchestrate a comprehensive marketing strategy through the Marketo Engage platform.

    No matter where you are in your Marketo Engage journey, our experts will be happy to assist you and take your Marketo Engage operations to the next level. Just drop us a line at [email protected] and we’ll take it from there.

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