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    4 Ways AI-Powered Online Learning Communities are Transforming Learning Experience

    The dramatic shift from offline to online has pushed higher education institutions to create strategies that help them deliver uninterrupted, quality education to students. According to statistics, 85% of learners say that their online learning experience was better, or at least equally as satisfactory than their traditional face-to-face classes.

    Online learning communities are the perfect tool for institutions to keep up with the changing education trends and take the learning experience for students up a notch.

    But is there a way to make their experience even better? Yes, there is!

    Adding the power of AI in online learning communities enables institutions to improve the quality of virtual classes and offer a more personalized experience to the students.

    Let’s take a look at how higher education institutions can harness the power of AI in their online learning communities and make it a wholesome experience for the students and the teachers alike.

    The Role of AI in Online Learning Communities

    AI has the ability to process a lot of data at a single time and deliver students the assistance that they need, whenever they want. By integrating AI in online communities, institutions can offer any-time support to students, even in the absence of educators with virtual assistants.

    AI’s dynamic nature offers a plethora of opportunities to boost student engagement as compared to the traditional methods of learning. Through its powerful capabilities, AI allows higher education institutions to discover new learning frontiers.

    4 Ways AI is Powering Online Learning Communities

    AI and ML are revamping the higher education industry and altering the traditional modes of learning. With AI integrated into eLearning communities, students and teachers can transform the way we teach and learn new things. Here’s how:

    • Real-Time Questioning: A major issue that students face when learning virtually via online communities is the unavailability of a tutor if a question comes to their mind. This is where AI comes into play. Implementing AI in your online learning community ensures that students get answers to all their queries in real-time through virtual assistants and automated coursework. Students can submit their questions on the spot and get automated answers as a result. This ensures that their learning process remains uninterrupted.
    • Personalized Learning: Many times educators resort to using the same content and techniques to teach students which might not be the right approach to adopt. Since each student has a different learning curve, it is crucial to curate coursework that suits the individual needs of each learner. AI can prove to be a powerful tool that enables educators to track student progress and use the data received to modify the coursework and personalize their teaching.
    • Greater Speed and Efficiency: AI combined with online communities is sure to improve and speed the learning processes, making them more efficient. With AI integrated into online learning communities, students can keep a record of their goals, progress, and preferences and easily learn at their own pace.
      Adaptive learning enables students to catch up on lectures if they missed any and receive automated feedback through reports or chatbots that are personalized based on their performance.
    • Artificial Mentoring: Another advantage of integrating online learning communities with AI is making artificial mentoring available to students. Artificial mentoring gives students the opportunity to identify the right courses to accomplish the desired objectives. Artificial mentors are of great benefit to students as they can guide them as per their interests and the previously recorded performance. AI mentors can be made available 24×7 to assist students in real-time and enhance their experience.

    AI and ML, when equipped the right way in online learning communities, can help streamline and simplify the learning process for students and teachers alike.

    To know how to harness the power of AI in your online learning community, drop us a line at [email protected] and we’ll take it from there.