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    5 Reasons to Add Intelligent Content to Your Content Marketing Arsenal

    Do you frequently come across online advertisements that seem to read your mind?

    It’s like, one day you’re thinking about getting a new pair of sunglasses, and boom! The next day, you see an advertisement for a pair of sunglasses you might like.

    Even if it’s obvious that what you’re seeing is a result of the advertisement employing technology to track your data and follow you throughout the web, it’s still impressive.

    Ads today are contextualized, dynamic, and targeted.

    But with the wealth of user data available these days, why aren’t most websites as tailored as online advertisements?

    Well, they certainly can be if they use the power of intelligent content.

    It’s now possible to display intelligent content on your website in the same way that intelligent adverts are displayed so that every user experiences a page that seems customized for them specifically.

    Similar to how targeted adverts altered the internet ad market, intelligent content has the potential to fundamentally alter how people interact with websites.

    In this article, we’ll talk about what intelligent content is, how it can help you produce high-quality content, and deliver a superior content experience.

    Understanding Intelligent Content

    A content management technique in which you structure your content in a reusable, format-free, and meaningful way is known as intelligent content. Simply put, intelligent content is the right content given through the right channel to the right person at the right time. Your content is intelligent if it is clear, relevant, consistent, and adaptable to the audience you are presenting it to.

    The Benefits of Intelligent Content

    The advantages of intelligent content for businesses are enormous. From improving the usability of information to equipping your sales team to closing more deals and boosting your SEO efforts, it helps you to do it all.

    Here are five major advantages of intelligent content:

    Benefits of Intelligent Content

    1. Fosters Multi-Channel Publishing

    With the use of metadata, you can generate content once, update it, and then publish it in many formats on various channels without having to rewrite it or reformat it. This increases consistency and saves time. Intelligent content makes it possible to design omnichannel shopping experiences for customers, which is a significant point of differentiation for companies in the present era.

    2. Facilitates Format Customization

    Your content can be altered to fit any format you might require at the moment and then repurposed in another format. When you want to broadcast your content across several channels or combine pieces of content from various sources to create original content in a new manner, this is the best option.

    3. Improves Personalization

    Intelligent content helps to deliver the right message to the right audience in the right time frame (with the help of its optimized search). With Metadata tagging and modular storage, you can locate intelligent content in your knowledge base or content management system (CMS), personalize it as necessary, and deliver via the lead’s preferred channel. The best aspect is that your customers feel special as the content you’re providing is just what they need.

    4. Enhances Discoverability

    When content is organized, finding information is significantly quicker (and more intelligent). Structured, intelligent, and guided search experiences help customers to dive down and discover the desired content more easily. Also, organized content acts like search filters that help users to narrow search results down.

    5. Boosts SEO Rating

    When a user searches for a relevant topic, metadata tagging makes it simpler for search engines to find, recognize, and display the content. Search engine robots prefer titles and semantic information that intelligent content offers.

    Make Intelligent Content a Part of Your Content Marketing Strategy

    Intelligent content marketing strategy focuses more on the creation, management, and delivery of content within the company. Start by reimagining your content strategy if you think intelligent content is the way to go for your business.

    Here’s how you can incorporate intelligent content into your content strategy:

    • Measure: Start assessing what you already have by giving existing content KPIs and targets, then tracking the performance using a tool like ContentWRX.
    • Experiment: Try experimenting with one type of content to see if you can alter the process of creating a single type of content that appears occasionally.
    • Create: While creating new content types, structure them. Modifying something takes longer and costs more than creating it from scratch using the appropriate framework.

    Create Intelligent Content That Is Future-Ready

    Using intelligent content in the future will help you save a lot of time as it can be reused and configured in numerous different ways thanks to its structure and adaptability. Additionally, it is great for creating and upgrading product pages as well as repurposing content for cross-channel campaigns.

    Here’s how you can create intelligent content that is ready for the future:

    • Establish business objectives that you plan to achieve with content and get leadership agreement on a shared vision for content. Coordination is crucial for detecting gaps, prioritizing initiatives, and evaluating performance.
    • Create modularly structured files that are marked up with metadata. You can use this data across many channels, customize it on demand, and future-proof it against evolving technologies and distribution channels.
    • Use technology to achieve your defined company goals. It is essential to be selective while choosing, customizing, and integrating technology systems due to a variety of technological options available.
    • Personalize your approach to your specific requirements. Your business processes should be precisely defined, effectively communicated to and understood by all teams, and optimized to cut out any extra steps.

    Wrapping Up

    With its, “create once, publish everywhere” paradigm, intelligent content gives marketers more time to focus on coming up with something new and interesting, which is an unquestionable competitive advantage. Also, with intelligent content, you are ready for whatever technology, system, or device the future holds for you.

    Leverage the power of intelligent content to deliver exceptional digital experiences and boost conversions. Or if you’re looking to create content that enhances customer experience and drives ROI, drop us a line at [email protected], and we’ll take it from there!