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    7 Steps to Clean & Maintain Marketo Engage Database

    “Where there is data smoke, there is business fire.”
    – Thomas Redman

    Data is the most crucial aspect of achieving marketing endeavors.

    If data is accurate, consistent, and reliable, it improves lead scoring which results in higher ROI.

    On the other hand, if data is duplicated, inconsistent, and not managed properly, it derails your marketing efforts.

    In fact, according to Gartner research[i], companies cost an average of $12.9 million due to poor-quality data.

    If you are using Marketo Engage as your marketing automation platform, it is key to perform a thorough data management process to yield exceptional results.

    And any platform like Marketo only delivers effective results when the lead data is of high quality, complete, and up-to-date.

    In this article, we’ll learn how to steer clear your data in Marketo and what results you reap after refreshing your data.

    The What and The Why of Marketo Engage

    Marketo Engage is a SaaS-based marketing automation platform that automates and measures marketing leads and workflows and helps you create tailored marketing campaigns.

    According to research[ii], 20,843 companies have already started using Marketo in 2023 as their marketing automation platforms tool.

    The platform supports every marketing facet, helping you attract, engage, and retain modern customers.

    With its ability to integrate with your CRM platform, you can create custom campaigns, boost engagement, and perform effective data management to enhance customer acquisitions.

    Here are a few reasons why you should choose Marketo Engage as your marketing automation platform:

    1. Personalization: With Marketo Engage, you can personalize your marketing messages and campaigns to target specific audiences. This level of personalization enables you to increase conversion rates and leads to a better ROI for marketing efforts.
    2. Advanced Analytics: Marketo Engage comes with advanced analytics & reporting tools that allow you to measure your marketing campaign’s success. With Marketo’s analytics, you can gain insights into your customers’ behavior, helping you deliver more effective campaigns.
    3. Integration: Marketo Engage integrates with a wide range of third-party tools, including CRM systems, social media platforms, and analytics tools. This integration allows you to build a cohesive marketing strategy across multiple channels, improving the overall customer experience.

    7 Steps to Make Your Marketo Engage Database Squeaky Clean

    7 Steps to Make Your Marketo Engage Database Squeaky Clean

    An inaccurate database affects lead-generation programs that decrease marketing effectiveness and sales conversions.

    According to research[iii], companies lose $13.3 million annually on average due to poor data.

    Therefore, it is vital to maintain good data hygiene that makes Marketo Engage squeaky clean and eliminates issues like duplicates, inconsistent data, and missing elements.

    Here are a few strategies to improve data quality in your Marketo instance:

    1. Merge Duplicates: Duplicate lead records in Marketo affect marketing campaigns’ ROI and result in a skewed view of data. By leveraging various tools to merge duplicate data, you can identify the possible duplicate entries in your contacts and detoxify your data in Marketo.

    2. Fix Incorrect Emails: Bounced email addresses, spam, and mistyped email addresses result in inappropriate data and thus, impact the lead generation process. By identifying the incorrect emails, segregation them from the valid ones, and updating the correct emails, you can prevent spam or incorrect emails in your Marketo Engage database.

    3. Delete Unwanted Records: Invalid emails, unsubscribed customers, and contacts with no email addresses, makes the Marketo database cluttered and inaccurate. By deleting these inappropriate data from the Marketo database using a data management tool, you can set up smart campaigns that bring out more leads.

    4. Organize Data Entries: It is pivotal to improve the accuracy of data as it makes your database easier to navigate. By normalizing data in your Marketo platform, you can organize data entries to ensure they are similar and consistent across every field and record.

    5. Find Missing Data: Incomplete data entries, lost files, etc, result in skewed insights and inaccurate leads generation. By running a report in Marketo Engage or using a data management tool, you can find missing data and resolve these challenges to make your Marketo data squeaky clean.

    6. Clean-Up Fields: Keeping poor data in your database often misleads the other metrics that are set for other marketing campaigns. Dump poor data and clean up fields from your Marketo platform with the help of various tools/solutions offered by various platforms.

    7. Create Consistent Contact Folder: Without creating a specific folder of your contacts in place, you cannot fetch accurate information about your leads. Create a consistent naming file/folder of your contacts in the Marketo database and drive stellar marketing strategies.

    Benefits of Refreshing Your Marketo Database

    Who doesn’t love a clean Marketo database?

    It provides you with impeccable benefits such as increased leads, effective marketing campaigns, better ROI, improved data quality, and much more.

    So, follow the right steps and refresh your Marketo data to reap the following benefits:

    – Better segmentation of leads to send the right message to the right customers at the right time.
    – Efficient marketing campaigns for higher engagement rates
    – Effective marketing performances and outcomes
    – Reduced marketing costs
    – Improved email deliverability
    – Increased customer base as the campaigns hold less to no errors
    – Optimized marketing efforts across different touchpoints
    – Efficient marketing decisions for creating future campaigns
    – Consistent data for the understanding of consumer behavior

    Final Thoughts

    Detoxifying, demystifying, and deep cleansing your database increases Marketo’s potential. A spic-and-span Marketo Engage database ensures that you don’t have to pay for junk. So, implement the best practices, clean your database, and see how the Marketo instance works like a magic wand for your marketing avenues. Be proactive about your MarketoEngage instance and get rid of ‘bad data’ syndrome’ now!

    If you want assistance to clean and refresh your Marketo database, drop us a line at [email protected], and we will take it from there.

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