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    8 Amazing HubSpot Integrations to Grow Better

    HubSpot is a leading growth platform that creates unmatched user experiences and empowers businesses to grow better.

    And if you already use HubSpot as your CRM platform, you’re all equipped to engage, convert, and delight your customers.

    But how do you make your HubSpot instance even better? By integrating it with other applications and web services you use every day.

    Integrating your HubSpot account with other software will help you power your business to achieve a much wider range of tasks by adding the necessary functionality to your existing software. This is especially helpful as your business expands since your needs are bound to change then.

    This would mean all of your information would live in a central location with no manual integration required.

    In this article, we’ll talk about the HubSpot integrations that will help you provide more features and options while using your software.

    Benefits of HubSpot Integration

    HubSpot can integrate with many applications in order to streamline workflows, improve reporting, sync data, and improve overall business performance. Here are some other benefits of HubSpot integrations:

    • Streamlined processes and fewer logins to disparate systems
    • Less manual data entries
    • No data silos and deeper insights into the campaign’s performance
    • Kickstart transparency between teams for seamless communication
    • Stronger relationships with customers

    8 Amazing HubSpot Integrations to Streamline Your Marketing Operations

    Integrations are helpful for every business because your software may not have every feature and function your customers needs to run their business. Here are some important HubSpot integrations that you should consider:



    1. Integration With Google Search Console & Other Advertising Tools:

    Integrating your HubSpot with Google Search Console and advertising tools like Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn will allow you to get exclusive insights into your customers’ activities.

    With the Google Search Console in HubSpot, you can:

    • Get greater visibility into your content marketing like views, likes, clicks, and impressions
    • Uncover more data about the position of your content on Google and how often people click on your website
    • Have a view of keywords and phrases people are searching for when your website appears on the search results
    • Generate more content ideas on the basis of keywords that prospects are searching for

    With Ads in HubSpot, you can:

    • Target your customers with highly relevant ads and insightful reports based on the true ROI of your campaigns.
    • Connect your HubSpot account with Google Ads and define your protocols to turn on ad tracking and apply your pixel.
    • Report on the success of your ads via a number of attribution views and analyze how your ad investment is affecting your ROI.

    2. Integration With CRM:

    A CRM tool is the heart and soul of any enterprise. From adding contacts to nurturing your leads, everything happens and stores here. You can integrate Salesforce, Zendesk, Zoho CRM, Microsoft Dynamics, and other CRMs with HubSpot to get the best of both worlds. For instance, with HubSpot and Salesforce integration, you can:

    • Get automatic updates through bi-directional sync of data
    • Send lead data automatically (email opens, form submission, website activity, etc)
    • Send lead score from HubSpot to Salesforce automatically
    • Assist your sales team to prioritize the outreach and close more deals faster

    3. Integration With Social Media:

    Social media integrations help you learn about your audience and understand the type of content they interact with and share. HubSpot offers integration with various social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. By integrating your HubSpot account with your social media channel, you can:

    • Schedule posts ahead of time
    • Analyze and measure the post’s performance
    • Easily engage and communicate with all of your contacts from HubSpot
    • Track engagement and all your marketing efforts all from HubSpot’s social media tool

    4. Integration With Customer Success Tools:

    Integrating customer success tools with your HubSpot account makes your cross-functional and customer interactions more streamlined. They help you simplify communication and share your data when you need to. You can integrate your HubSpot account with various customer success tools like Slack, Zendesk, and LiveChat. By integrating your HubSpot account with a customer success tool, you can:

    • Connect and communicate with all your team members
    • Boost collaboration and coordination anywhere
    • Keep track of customers’ queries through the ticketing system
    • Keep track of customer interactions in one place
    • Provide consistent customer experience among your fellow employees and customers

    5. Integration With Event & Webinar Tools:

    Events and webinars are a great way to interact with the audience, establish credibility, and generate high-quality leads. And with the right webinar tool, you can build rapport, engage your audience, and create meaningful connections with them. For this, HubSpot provides integration with different webinar tools like Zoom, GoToWebinar, Eventbrite, Setmore, etc. By integrating your HubSpot account with your event & webinar tool, you can:

    • Customize your registration page to attract more prospects
    • Simplify appointment scheduling and automatically import your booked appointments to HubSpot under the correct contact’s profile
    • Send personalized emails to the attendees with a better user experience
    • Automatically take data from your contact list in HubSpot to uncover effective ways to connect with your audience
    • Save the details of your event in the calendar (Google, Outlook, Yahoo, etc) and send multiple reminders to the registered attendees for the upcoming event

    6. Integration With Lead Generation Tools:

    Lead generation integration can help you convert early-stage leads into happy customers. Integration with lead generation tools like WordPress, DeBounce, ZoomInfo, and SurveyMonkey will help you sync the information automatically to HubSpot so that you can view it at any point during the customer journey. By integrating your HubSpot account with WordPress, you can:

    • Align and optimize your WordPress website with the data about your contacts and business goals you have in HubSpot
    • Connect all of your growth tools automatically to your WordPress site to attract, engage, and delight your customer.

    By integrating your HubSpot account with DeBounce, you can:

    • Validate your email addresses after lead generation to ensure that you’re growing your email list with the right people.
    • Minimize hard bounce emails because DeBounce uses Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) to check and eliminate invalid email ids from the database.

    By integrating your HubSpot account with ZoomInfo, you can:

    • Ensure that information in a database is always most accurate and current
    • Schedule recurring maintenance and ongoing enrichment
    • Improve data quality and complete missing firmographic & demographic details for HubSpot contacts
    • View analytical insights into enriched contacts

    7. Integration With Sales Enablement Tools:

    This integration with your HubSpot account can help you bring your sales tools, tactics, and prospects’ information together. You’ll be empowered to keep your marketing, support, and sales details in a centralized place for all teams to access and analyze as needed. For this, you can integrate your HubSpot account with various sales enablement tools like HelloSign, Aircall, Ringcentral, Salesforce, PandaDoc, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, etc. By integrating your HubSpot account with HelloSign, you can:

    • Get notified of any action (when a customer receives, opens, or signs the document) a prospect takes on any document you send them
    • Craft a follow-up message after you see the contact’s activity and where they’re in the buying process

    Also, HubSpot gives limited minutes of calling per month for free users. To solve this problem, you can integrate your HubSpot account with tools Aircall and Ringcentral and optimize your efforts.

    With HubSpot and Salesforce integration, you can:

    • Automatically sync all of your customer information from the database into HubSpot once connected to the Salesforce integration
    • Work with reps to get robust lead intelligence and revenue reporting
    • Align your sales and marketing work, content, and information so you and your team can access any information from either system

    8. Integration With Demand Generation Tools:

    Integrating your HubSpot account with demand generation tools like RollWorks will help you create and maintain your demand generation strategy to find leads and also drive your conversion rates higher in less time. By integrating your HubSpot account with RollWorks, you can:

    • Identify suitable customer profiles, select target accounts, and find key contacts
    • Run effective cross-channel campaigns and engage your target accounts with ads and sales automation
    • Get the full visibility of your impact and measure the effectiveness of your ABM at both account and contact levels


    Integrations are very crucial to enhance all aspects of your business. With these HubSpot integrations, you can simplify your processes, optimize your efforts, and empower your employees to get better results and witness better ROI.

    If you’re ready to take your HubSpot operations up a notch and want an extra set of hands to make your HubSpot integration flawless, feel free to drop us a line at [email protected], and we’ll take it from there!