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    9 Effective Tools You Need in Your Video Marketing Arsenal

    “Using video to connect with a prospect is so much more than a cold call. It humanizes the selling process.” – Jill Rowley

    Videos are no longer just a medium to present all your content quickly but also an efficient way to enlighten and influence customers easily.

    In the present business scenario, videos have dramatically dominated online portals to engage visitors on the website and drive more traffic and sales to the sites.

    This is why videos are the rage nowadays as brands realize the potential and value of investing in video marketing.

    And adding video marketing tools to your marketing arsenal will only be the icing on the cake.

    With the right video tools by your side, you will be able to create engaging videos, manage your social media channels, intrigue viewers’ interests, and whatnot.

    In this article, you will discover 9 tools that can help you ace your video marketing game and some tips to assist you in creating engaging videos.

    9 Effective Video Tools to Create High-Quality Videos

    video tools

    Whether you are beginning with your first video or you’re a longtime video creator, here are the 9 best video marketing tools to market your business online and boost your presence online.

    1. VEED

    With this video tool, you can add subtitles, transcribe the video, add transitions, and more. This tool strives to make professional video production effortless.


    • Easy to Trim and Filter Videos
    • Customizable Screen Recordings
    • Repurpose Video Files Into Different Formats in One Click
    • Publish Small Snippets and Bites on Socials Easily


    • Simple & Easy UI
    • Personalized Service


    • The Tool is too Basic
    • The Subtitle Feature is Available With Paid Plan Only

    2. TubeBuddy

    TubeBuddy is an effective extension that helps you create SEO-friendly videos for YouTube.


    • Video Tag Lists
    • Video Tag Explorer (Keyword Explorer)
    • Embedding Options
    • The Tag Sorter
    • Provides A/B Testing
    • GIF Generator Tool
    • Helps You to Find the Best Time to Publish


    • Easy to Install
    • Free Plan Available


    • Users can Manage Only One YouTube Channel Per License

    3. VidIQ

    VidIQ is a SaaS product that helps users find keywords and topics for multiple videos. It also has robust SEO features to help users through creating SEO-friendly titles, descriptions, and tags.


    • Royalty-Free Music
    • Good Tool for Blurring Faces
    • Easy to Access
    • Split Screen and Motion Tracking


    • Keyword Research
    • Helpful Analytics
    • Affordable Pricing Plans
    • Boosts YouTube Ranking and Views
    • Builds Brand Awareness


    • Expensive

    4. Animoto

    Animoto’s drag-and-drop video editor allows users to edit their video in minutes.


    • High-Quality Videos
    • Multiple Memories Styles
    • Landscape & Square Videos
    • Color Customization


    • Effective for Beginners
    • Make Training More Engaging
    • Create Videos of Every Type
    • Easy to Share on Social Media Platforms


    • Limited Templates
    • Limited Features in the Free Versions

    5. Vidyard

    Provide a personal touch to every customer interaction with Vidyard! This video creation tool is built for your entire sales team.


    • Effective Campaign Video Planning
    • Easy Video Creation and Streaming
    • Screen Recording and Social Sharing


    • Straightforward Interface
    • Easy to Embed Videos Into Emails
    • Complete Information About the Video’s Purpose


    • Free Editing Features are Limited

    6. Wondershare Filmora

    Wondershare Filmora, a prominent video editing program, provides affordable video editing options to generate effective videos.


    • User-Friendly Interface
    • Affordable Lifetime License
    • Faster Renders and Previews
    • Supports Screen Capturing
    • Supports a Wide Range of File Formats


    • Easy-to-Use Interface
    • Amazing Video Output
    • Good User Support


    • Supports Windows & Mac Only
    • Frequent Lagging

    7. Vyond

    Vyond has advanced features for your animated videos. It enables you to make engaging videos without long lead times, expenses, or even development.


    • Automatic Lip-Sync
    • Limitless Customization
    • Hundreds of Pre-Made Templates
    • Version History Allows You to Save Changes to Create a New Video With an Old Version


    • Offer Step-by-Step Video Tutorial
    • Allow Unlimited Video Creation
    • Zero Technical Skills Required


    • The ‘Essential’ Plan Doesn’t Have Live Chat Support
    • The Search Feature Needs Improvement

    8. Smart Video Maker by Magisto

    Create outstanding social videos in minutes with the power of Magisto’s smart video editor.


    • Multiple Themes
    • Add Logos and Captions
    • Commercially Licensed Music
    • Create Longer Movies
    • Premium Editing Styles


    • Free to Download on Mobile Devices
    • Good Customer Service
    • Gain Access to Stock Videos and Photos


    • The Free Version has a Video Length Limitation of 60 Seconds
    • Watermark on the Final Output

    9. Final Cut Pro

    A revolutionary app for creating, editing, and generating the highest-quality video.


    • Non-Destructive, Non-Linear Video Editing
    • Easily Edit HD, 4K, 8K, and 360-Degree Video
    • Reliable for High-Quality Videos


    • Great Transitions
    • Easy to Use
    • Quick Render
    • Free Effects


    • Apple-Accessible Only

    Now that you know the top tools for making better videos, here are some tips that can help you take those videos up a notch.

    Top Tips to Create Engaging Videos

    Here are 5 tips to create compelling videos that can help you influence the buying decision of your audience:

    • Deliver your message in a fun and engaging way.
    • Pay attention to the preferences and behavior of your target audience.
    • Include facts to establish the credibility of your brand.
    • Start your videos with a hook.
    • Cut out anything that’s unnecessary.


    Videos are a great way to engage audiences. Video marketing can help you take a lucrative turn with this incredible checklist to create an engaging video. And the more professional and engaging your videos look, the more your brand will benefit from them.

    While creating captivating videos does take some practice, these tools can really help you elevate the experience for your users.

    Should you need any help in getting started with editing a video, our video experts can help you. The team of video marketing experts at Grazitti Interactive loves turning your brand stories into engaging and traffic-producing videos. Contact us at [email protected] and we will take it from there.