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    Ace Your Marketing with the HubSpot Marketing Automation Platform

    HubSpot’s marketing automation platform is one of the most preferred platforms. It enables businesses to automate their marketing and scale their growth.

    By delivering tailor-made content, the marketing automation tool helps brands nurture prospects in a highly personalized manner. This, in turn, helps convert prospects into customers.

    Using a marketing automation tool is similar to planting a seed. It takes some fertile soil, water, nurturing, and sunlight for the seeds to flourish into lush, blooming plants.

    In marketing automation terms, your leads are the seeds and relevant content acts as the elements required to nurture them into fruition.

    Let’s take a look at how you can ace your marketing with the HubSpot Marketing Automation:

    1. Migration

    Migrate easily to the HubSpot platform and get multiple inbound advantages for your business. Our HubSpot CMS experts facilitate seamless migration and implement HubSpot technology to all your assets.

    Take a look at this case study where Grazitti helped a customer migrate from Pardot to HubSpot effortlessly.

    2. Set-Up

    Our experts can help you not only set-up your HubSpot instance quickly but also use the latest marketing automation best practices for:

    • Instance Audit and Health Check-up: Get an overview of the observations of your instance to determine the right roadmap for future growth and success.
    • Instance Organization: Incorporate different components like templates, pages, forms, and emails to improve customer engagement and drive form conversions.
    • Instance Set-up: Once the assets have been integrated and custom connectors have been added, your HubSpot instance will be ready to go on the fly.

    3. 3rd Party Integrations

    We offer easy 3rd party HubSpot integrations. Get access to the latest beta technologies to grow your business. You will be able to use HubSpot’s inbound marketing support to get the resources required to create new and improved distribution channels.

    4. Development

    We provide unmatched technical capabilities to set-up your marketing campaigns. We will help you create all the assets needed to turn your campaign into a success. Here is how we can help:

    • Website, Landing Pages, and Email Templates: With a website in HubSpot you can have landing pages and email templates that are similar to the style of your existing website.
    • Standard Progressive Profiling: Make your marketing campaigns smarter and efficient with progressive profiling. Your leads develop a feeling of trust when not poked by too many questions on your website.
    • Custom Progressive Profiling using JS: Get tailor-made forms in JS with progressive profiling to deliver improved user experience on your website.
    • Resource Center: Give back to your customers with an easily accessible resource center full of helpful content and establish your leadership in the industry.
    • Website Redesign: Migrate your website to a HubSpot platform using stunning templates that match the existing layout of your website while enjoying HubSpot platform capabilities.

    5. Demand Generation

    We help you to create automated systems that are focused on user acquisition and expedite engagement on your website. Reach new customers, build some buzz, engage users, and experience improved demand generation with our solutions.

    • Inbound Marketing: Attract visitors to your blog or website by delivering relevant and helpful content. Engage them with conversational tools like chat and email and deliver a delightful experience.
    • Email Blast Program: Facilitate a prospect’s path through the marketing and sales funnel with effective email blast campaigns consisting of valuable and relevant content.
    • A/B testing: Measure the levels of engagement from different versions of the same email campaign using HubSpot’s marketing automation tool and find out which version performs better over a set period of time.
    • Event Programs: Plan your events with HubSpot-Google Calendar or HubSpot-Office 365 Calendar integration and keep your guests engaged at all times.
    • Multi-Registration Webinars: Follow an innovative approach to get more people to opt-in for multi-registration webinars and turn them into a grand success.
    • One-Click Registration: Encourage more registration using a one-click strategy. Make your CTA buttons stand out and let your leads feel more confident while sharing their information.
    • Landing Page A/B Testing: Check the performance of specific elements inside a single web page using landing page A/B testing and get a clear view of which elements play the biggest role in achieving the objectives of your page.
    • Newsletter Program: Create personalized newsletter programs for your subscribers and schedule them to be sent at the right time to drive better engagement.
    • NPS Program: Evaluate the satisfaction of your customers using the Net Promoter Score (NPS) program and find out how likely will they recommend your brand to others.
    • Engagement Programs: Create interesting email campaigns to woo your inactive subscribers back into action. For example: ‘Wrinkle in Time’ badge by Grammarly is sent to their subscribers when they have been inactive for a while. The ‘GO’ CTA button is used to bring the user back on board.

    6. Marketing Operations

    With our experts at the helm, you can leverage the HubSpot marketing automation platform to an optimum level and add to the efficiency of your marketing operations.

    • Contact Washing Machine: Clean and normalize your data and provide enriched opportunities to your sales reps while improving the targeting of your marketing campaigns.
    • Data Management Campaigns: Normalize your data and manage it efficiently using our HubSpot data management solutions. This allows you to plan and execute sophisticated marketing campaigns.
    • Honeypot Spam Trap: Prevent problematic email addresses from entering your list and stay away from any hard bounces. A regular clean up of dormant email accounts and closed domains is the best way to avoid honeypot spam traps.
    • Spam Monitor: Make sure that your emails don’t end in your subscriber’s spam. Create emails that can get through sophisticated spam filters and keep email deliverability successful.
    • Persona Building: Determine your organization’s goals, observe the behavior patterns of your customers and create personas that can help you create target groups for your campaigns.
    • Dynamic content using existing segmentation: Apply personalization to your website and showcase your content with relevant CTAs based on the existing segmentation.
    • Lead Scoring and Grading: Assign numerical values to every lead generated through the inbound marketing process. Score them on multiple attributes like information shared and level of engagement with your website and find out potential customers.
    • Lead Routing (MAP) Analysis: Make sure that your incoming leads are routed properly to your sales agents in an automatic manner based on the acquisition channel.
    • Email Preference Center: Establish a systematic communication cadence with your email subscribers and provide them an easy way to manage their email preferences via a centralized portal called an email preference center.
    • Email Opt-In and Email Double Opt-In: Establish a system of your choosing on your website easily. Decide whether you want to add all sign-ups to your mailing list or if you want to scrutinize more and add addresses that confirm by clicking a confirmation link.
    • Implementation only-Email Opt-In and Email Double Opt-In (Advanced): Implement your preferred method with a detailed analysis of your business goals and preference of list quality by leveraging our team’s expertise.
    • Generic Attribution Model: Measure the effectiveness of the campaigns, events, or different channels by assigning credit across different touch points between lead acquisition and closure.
    • Referral Program (Basic): Help your business grow by motivating your customers to join your customer referral program. Leverage the power of word-of-mouth marketing using our advanced plan of action.
    • Referral Program (Advanced): Get advanced customer referral programs for your website to involve delighted customers and leverage the opportunity to create more advocates for your brand.
    • Relationship Management Program: Implement the perfect relationship management program and analyze customer’s interactions with your brand throughout the marketing and sales funnel to improve service and increase customer retention.
    • Analytics & Reporting: With detailed reports, you can transform raw data into an easily comprehensible format. Analytics help you explore and interpret data to get valuable insights regarding the impact of certain trends.

    To Wrap Up

    HubSpot is one of the best platforms for email marketing and nurturing your leads. You also get full closed-loop reporting for all your marketing efforts and a way to bridge the gap between marketing and sales.

    Starting the transition to HubSpot can be challenging and we will help you to kick off your journey on the right foot. Our team will ensure that these possibilities are made readily available.

    Start your HubSpot journey today! To get in touch with our marketing automation experts, email us at [email protected] or visit our website.