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    Amplify the Capabilities of Your Community and Deliver a Stellar CX With KaseSync

    More than 89%[i] of organizations have agreed that quality customer service is crucial for customer retention.

    Repeat customers are the main contributors to the ROI of any business. And, the customers only return to the brands that make them feel heard and wanted. Having said that, it is safe to say that delivering impeccable support to customers is essential in today’s business landscape. However, the customers are savvy and demand maximum output with minimal interaction. Besides, lengthy support processes and delayed responses can do more harm than good.

    As a result, most organizations are building communities where members can share tips and help one another.

    However, those communities still lack technical assistance. Everything goes in vain when the customer eventually ends up reaching out to support reps by logging into the support platform. Unfortunately, most members never return to the community once they leave. That is why enabling your members with a smooth support experience that requires minimal input from customers is becoming immensely popular.

    The Challenge

    Some brands are struggling to get their customers to put their faith in them. Building a bond that’s truly based on trust can be an uphill battle. And, the key to achieving that bond is by making them feel important. Thus, every organization, irrespective of its size and nature, is focusing on delivering prompt and efficient support services. However, the rising competition is making it difficult to achieve.

    So, is there a way to enable your customers with exemplary support service that helps you stand out?

    The Solution

    Originally, online communities are built to enable customers with a digital space where they can talk and share opinions with like-minded people. But, the definition of communities is evolving and organizations are leveraging communities for more than just engagement purposes. Facilitating support through communities is one of the major purposes. However, it becomes difficult to provide as technical issues require expert assistance. Well, if you run a community and offer support through any CRM platform, we have just the solution you’re looking for.


    So, after careful consideration, community experts at Grazitti Interactive developed a solution named ‘KaseSync’. KaseSync is an integration tool that helps you streamline your customer support process efficiently. It is designed to integrate your online community with your support to deliver a seamless customer experience. At its core, it facilitates a bi-directional flow of information between your community and support platform. This way, your customers can directly escalate their issues to your support experts and eliminates the need for navigating to support. Similarly, the support experts can directly respond from their end. With KaseSync in place, the data flows both ways making the case escalation and management process quick and transparent.

    That’s not all. KaseSync offers a suggestive search feature that auto-completes the search and fetches exactly the content members are looking for. When customers gain access to the desired information, they can instantly resolve their issues. Besides that, it keeps the members engaged in the community.

    Check out KaseSync for your community-CRM integration needs.

    Moreover, the solution offers advanced features like manual and automatic case escalation. For manual case escalation, members need to click the ‘case escalation’ button and provide the required information. Sometimes, customers just post a query in the community but receive no response. In that case, the post will automatically be escalated as a case after the defined time span. This feature ensures that no questions go unanswered in your community.

    There are a lot more features offered by KaseSync that makes customer support delivery in your community a smooth, hassle-free process for an exemplary experience.


    KaseSync is the perfect solution if you are looking for implementing prompt support within your community to improve CX. With this case connector in place, you enable your members with a superlative support process. All they have to do is click the case escalation button to receive expert assistance from your support reps, directly from the community. This increases overall customer engagement and retention.

    Team Grazitti is adept at curating cutting-edge online communities that boost ROI. To know more about our CMaaS expertise, drop us a line at [email protected], and we’ll take it from there.


    [i] 70 Powerful Customer Retention Statistics You Need to Know in 2021