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    Automate your work by integrating Email Parser and Marketo

    What are the odds of you reading an email from top to bottom? Quite low, we’re sure! Our eyes quickly pick catchy phrases in the email such as “Pay your credit card bill” or “50% off on shoes”!

    Email parsers work in a similar way. They allow you to extract important data from incoming emails, hence converting an unstructured email into data that’s easy-to-handle.

    Our customer—a famous online food ordering platform—was receiving email notifications. The content contained field names along with their values. Sorting through the vast number of emails was tedious and time-consuming.

    Hence, the customer wanted to automatically parse the content and identify field values. They wanted to push these values to the corresponding mapped fields in Marketo, by creating a new lead.

    Grazitti resolved this by making a Zap using the Email Parser and Marketo app in Zapier and fetching the required values via email in order to create leads and map relevant fields.


    Let’s take a look at how it works –

    • In order to use this, you must have a Zapier mailbox set up at
    • The entire process can be divided into two parts—trigger and action. In this case, we’ve used ‘Email Parser’ as the trigger, and Webhook as an action.


    • Connect your Parser Mailbox with Email Parser in order to parse


    • All the emails to be parsed are forwarded to Zapier mailbox
    • You can check in the output which data has been captured by Email Parser
    • Webhook pushes the output of Email Parser to Marketo

    How it helped the customer:

    • Accurate data – Data parsing automated the capturing of all relevant information from a variety of sources, hence providing the customer with accurate data that they could use.
    • Freed up time – Parsing emails freed up a significant portion of their time for other business tasks, so the customer didn’t have to waste time working on data extraction and entry.
    • Flexible control – The company had full control over which emails and messages should be processed and how.

    Should you need help in using integrating Email Parser and Marketo, send us an email at [email protected] and we’ll take it from there!