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    BigCommerce Rolls Out 100+ Features to Empower Businesses for Success

    BigCommerce has been the top choice for many e-commerce businesses.

    According to reports, 44,043[i] live stores are running on the BigCommerce platform in 2024. Also, BigCommerce stores have increased by 4.8%[ii] in 2024, Q1. These stats are a testament to the fact that the growth of BigCommerce will witness an upward trajectory.

    With new patches, enhanced features, and powerful integrations released regularly, BigCommerce enables businesses to offer exceptional online shopping experiences to their customers.

    This year, too, BigCommerce has demystified ‘The Next Big Thing’ wherein it introduced 100+ innovative features and partnership integrations to elevate your brand’s success.

    In this article, we walk you through the latest advancements in BigCommerce and how they drive engagement to your online business.

    What’s New in BigCommerce?

    BigCommerce’s ‘The Next Big Thing’ update is a comprehensive suite of features that is designed to empower businesses of all shapes and sizes to thrive in the digital world.

    This update is like a treasure trove for e-tailers, offering a wealth of tools to unlock growth and success.

    Let’s explore what these new features have to offer:

    BigCommerce Rolls Out 100+ Features to Empower Businesses for Success

    1. Global Sales Boost

    Now, connecting with your target audience globally isn’t difficult anymore. BigCommerce simplifies international expansion with built-in tools that create a fully localized experience like managing multiple currencies, seamless checkout experiences, and much more. All this is managed from a single, centralized dashboard, enabling you to deliver a smoother customer journey for your global audience that results in increased sales and brand reach.

    2. Compelling Storefronts

    Say goodbye to boring digital storefronts. With BigCommerce’s new composable storefront framework Catalyst, you can build appealing storefronts that reflect your brand perfectly. It also offers an easy-to-use visual page editor–Makeswift, the key component of Catalyst, to create exceptional shopping experiences for customers. Makeswift, which is built for websites using the Next.js framework, helps you simplify your storefront’s visual administration.

    3. B2B Business Expansion

    BigCommerce helps you elevate buyer experience and drive sales with options for customization. Not just this, you get localization, quoting functionality, and much more with the B2B edition available for both single and multi-storefronts. Also, you can give your B2B buyers the information they need for better transactions by leveraging the B2B buyer portal. With this, manufacturers, distributors, and businesses can easily create Buyer Portal applications to reduce the cost of solving complex B2B limitations.

    4. The BigAI Advantage

    You can now use the power of AI to create new and engaging ways to convert potential customers. The AI-powered tools you get with BigAI are designed for better engagement, enhanced average order value, and better operations at the backend. It also offers a BigAI copywriter that uses a generative AI large language model to craft SEO-optimized product descriptions. Furthermore, you can also utilize BigCommerce’s native Google BigQuery integration to predict the future customer lifetime value of new customers.

    5. Optimization of Omnichannel Endeavors

    Access more than 300 channels and enhance the ones you already have access to with powerful new capabilities. Maximize sales opportunities and streamline data flow through an event-triggered, real-time synchronization process. Mitigate risks such as listing disapprovals, overstocking, and account suspension while ensuring prompt updates for critical attributes such as inventory levels and pricing.

    6. Better Conversions

    BigCommerce enables you to boost conversion rates and stay ahead of competitors by leveraging new passwordless checkout solutions, AI-driven personalization and expanded customization choices offered through the latest extensions.

    7. Minimized Operational Costs

    Reduce stress and optimize productivity. Experience the updated navigation in the BigCommerce Control Panel, featuring a sleek and contemporary design. Enjoy the convenience of expandable sub-navigation for effortless scanning and browsing. Additionally, a new top bar simplifies tasks such as searching your store, viewing your storefront, and switching between stores.

    8. Enhanced Developer Tools

    Save time and easily build e-commerce solutions for your customers. BigCommerce’s design system– BigDesign, provides a comprehensive toolkit that consists of a pattern library and UX writing guide to intensify customer experience across the BigCommerce platform. Furthermore, the platform also has a Figma UI kit for designers to build intuitive commerce tools. With such advancements, BigCommerce helps designers and developers implement deeply integrated apps and extensions.

    Maximize Your Business Potential With BigCommerce’s Latest Features

    BigCommerce’s ‘The Next Big Thing’ update empowers businesses to unlock new possibilities that help them grow.

    Features like composable storefronts and localized checkout experiences allow for a more engaging and frictionless shopping journey, regardless of location. AI-powered product recommendations and omnichannel integration ensure a personalized touchpoint across all channels, fostering customer loyalty and satisfaction. With such features, businesses can enhance customer experiences and increase their consumer base.

    Furthermore, businesses can streamline operations through BigCommerce’s automation tools and cost-cutting features, freeing up valuable resources. The ability to manage B2B operations globally and the introduction of BigAI for e-commerce further unlock sales potential by optimizing marketing efforts and personalizing the buying experience.

    In essence, BigCommerce’s advancements enable businesses to not only streamline internal processes but also create a customer-centric experience that converts into significant and sustainable sales growth.

    To Wrap Up

    There is no debate about the cutthroat competition in the e-commerce landscape. In such a competitive environment, having a platform that offers limited features, fewer customization options, and outdated patches can be challenging. To avoid this, it is important to consider a top-notch platform like BigCommerce that regularly releases new features, patches, and more. With the arrival of BigCommerce’s new feature release, you can attain a strategic leap forward in the e-commerce landscape.

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