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    Generative AI in Contact Centers: Transforming Customer Interactions With Salesforce Einstein GPT

    “The world is experiencing one of the most profound technological shifts with the rise of real-time technologies and generative AI.” Marc Benioff, CEO, Salesforce[i].

    From phones to chatbots to cloud technology, the contact center has undergone a dramatic transformation. And AI innovations and generative AI are likely to lead to even more changes.

    By 2032, the market size for Generative AI in Contact Centers is expected to reach USD 74.3 Mn from USD 10.6 Mn in 2022, growing at a CAGR of 22.1%.[ii]

    Gartner predicted that by 2026, conversational AI chatbots will save $80 billion in customer service labor costs.[iii]

    In fact, research by Salesforce reveals that 79% of companies see a greater overall customer satisfaction score (CSAT) after implementing AI-powered customer service.[iv]

    For these reasons, businesses are turning to AI-driven solutions to revolutionize their contact center operations. And one such pioneering force is Salesforce Einstein GPT, a cutting-edge AI technology that is reshaping the contact center landscape.

    In this article, we will explore how Salesforce Einstein GPT is poised to reshape contact centers.

    How Generative AI Improves Customer Service

    Generative AI possesses the capability to revolutionize the customer service landscape. It harnesses the power of large language models (LLMs) and advanced deep learning techniques to comprehend intricate inquiries and proficiently generate natural conversational responses.

    Many businesses that have already embarked on AI journeys are fervently embracing the potential of generative AI to amplify their customer service endeavors.

    By harnessing the wealth of customer data available, generative AI solutions expand their capabilities. They deliver personalized responses, offer valuable recommendations, and provide tailored suggestions, thus elevating the customer experience to unparalleled levels.

    Use Cases of Generative AI in Contact Center

    Here’s what you can do with Generative AI at the heart of your contact center operations:

    Offering Real-Time and Quick Service Responses

    Based on some studies, there are two really important things that make customer service great: “Getting quick answers to questions and problems,” which 52% of customers like, and “Having helpful and proactive staff who are available whenever and wherever needed,” which 47% of customers agree with.[v]

    Within this intricate framework, the agents manning digital avenues must deliver spot-on information, respond promptly, and swiftly resolve any customer concerns.

    For a single agent, dealing with multiple customers and offering real-time and spot-on assistance can be an uphill task. That’s when generative AI shines the brightest!

    But how can generative AI play a transformative role? The robust large language models underpinning generative AI possess the remarkable ability to autonomously craft responses that mirror human conversation. By intricately collecting and delving into the nuances of customer data, the responses generated can be uniquely tailored to resonate with each individual’s distinct preferences and needs. This meticulous customization not only reflects a profound understanding of your customers but also cultivates a deep-rooted sense of reliability in the interactions.

    As a result, customers feel not only understood but also assured that their interactions are guided by a keen awareness of their preferences, contributing to a stronger and more meaningful customer relationship.

    Creating Case Summaries

    To ensure your customers have an excellent experience, it’s important to have the correct information to keep track of and improve your business’s service interactions. This is why the summary your agents create after they finish helping a customer becomes one of the most important pieces of information your business can gather.

    However, there’s a challenge – creating these summaries takes a lot of time, which means your agents can’t assist other customers during that time.

    But with the help of contact center AI, even the most complicated email and chat conversations can be turned into a suggested summary. Your agent only needs to check these summaries before they are added to the case log. This significantly saves agents’ time and effort that would otherwise be spent on entering data.

    Developing Knowledge Base

    81% of consumers say they want more self-service options[vi]. However, to enable this, a business must possess an extensive collection of information that customers can search through to locate solutions.

    That’s when contact center AI emerges as a game-changing solution. You can automatically generate a knowledge article after a support case is resolved. It accomplishes this by extracting information from case notes, message history, and other service tools. Subsequently, the article is prepared for your agent’s review, where they ensure its accuracy before it’s placed in the approval queue. This approach significantly alleviates the burden on agents, relieving them from the need to create articles from scratch.

    Einstein GPT: Leading AI Revolution in Contact Centers

    Einstein GPT combines advanced AI from partner networks with Salesforce’s AI. It uses live data from Salesforce Data Cloud that brings together a company’s customer information. This lets users easily link their data with powerful OpenAI models. Using natural language, they can then make adaptable content in their Salesforce CRM to meet changing customer needs and immediate requirements.

    For instance, Einstein GPT has the capability to craft personalized emails that salespeople can send to customers. It assists customer service professionals in generating tailored responses to promptly address customer queries. Marketers can benefit from Einstein GPT by producing targeted content to enhance campaign response rates. Even developers can take advantage of this technology to auto-generate code. The synergy between Einstein GPT and Salesforce opens doors to various applications, revolutionizing interactions, responses, and content creation across the business landscape.

    Let’s explore what contact centers can achieve with Einstein GPT!

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    Embarking on Generative AI Journey With Salesforce Einstein GPT

    Before diving into Generative AI using Salesforce Einstein, establish a strong foundation. This involves meticulous data collection, cleaning, and preparation:

    • Data Collection: Gather relevant data from various sources, including customer interactions, historical records, and service queries.
    • Data Cleaning: Thoroughly clean collected data to eliminate inaccuracies and redundancies, ensuring accurate AI model input.
    • Data Preparation: Format data for AI consumption, making it actionable and coherent for algorithms.

    With the groundwork set, you can integrate Salesforce Einstein AI into your contact center for enhanced interactions and efficiency.

    Here are some recommended ways to fully utilize the potential of Einstein GPT.

    • Assessment and Customization: Tailor Einstein AI integration to align with business goals, focusing on impactful areas like auto-responses and knowledge articles.
    • Data Integration: Feed cleansed data into Salesforce’s AI models, allowing them to learn and derive insights.
    • Configuration and Training: Fine-tune AI models for desired outcomes through training, improving contextual content generation.
    • Testing and Optimization: Rigorously test integrated AI before deployment, optimizing models for accuracy and value.

    The Bottom Line

    As the AI revolution marches forward, Einstein GPT stands as a beacon of innovation, illuminating a path toward redefining contact center operations. From queries to conversations, from efficiency to engagement, Einstein GPT embodies the evolution of AI in customer support. By embracing this evolution, businesses can lead the charge in delivering unparalleled customer experiences in a dynamic and fast-paced digital landscape.

    Want to get started with Einstein GPT for your Contact Center? Feel free to drop us a line at [email protected] and we’ll get right back to you.

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