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    Grazitti Interactive at INBOUND 22 – Building a Connected CX

    HubSpot’s annual blockbuster conference – INBOUND 22 was a huge success as we anticipated it would be. After attending the last two years virtually, our HubSpot experts were thrilled to travel to Boston and attend this year’s event as a proud sponsor.

    As we entered the event, there was notable excitement in the air as attendees from more than 161 countries were prepared for the day packed with breakout sessions, keynote speakers, and riveting conversations.

    The coffee, VIP party, the people – it was all majestic. Along with that, iconic celebrity headliners including President Barack Obama and the great look & feel of the booths made it a truly unique experience – a business gala we’d say.

    We’ve been a part of INBOUND for a few years now and each time we come away more inspired, more rejuvenated, and with a ton of happy memories. But now that the happy hours are over and we’re back home, it’s time to break down the key focus of INBOUND 22.

    Our key theme at INBOUND was ‘Create Hand-Crafted Digital Experiences with HubSpot-as-a-Suite.’ With this theme in mind, the goal is to bring your teams and your customers within a unified system across marketing, sales, customer service, and content.

    In this article, we’ll talk about our experience at INBOUND, new product announcements, and give you a peek into the future.

    Booth #55 – We Swapped HubSpot Tales & Talked About Customer Challenges

    There are four elements that people can never get enough of – knowledge, ideas, solutions, and connection and our booth was intentionally designed and placed to provide plenty of these elements.

    Our HubSpot experts had a great experience as they interacted with other attendees who stopped by and stirred up some exciting conversations with them.

    New and Upcoming From the House of HubSpot – INBOUND Announcements

    This year, we’ve tackled less social, less connected, and less effective business realities we’ve been living since the great pandemic. This being said, a new era emerges with INBOUND 2022 – an era of the connected customer. HubSpot has built some amazing solutions for businesses seeking real connection with their customers, flexibility, and value.

    Here are some interesting features that HubSpot has introduced at INBOUND 2022.


    1. Marketing Campaigns

    Gone are the days of questioning campaign performance or marketers not getting credit where it’s due. With marketing campaigns, you can build strategies using fully orchestrated campaigns. This feature allows teams to:

    • Collaborate using one unified calender and comments thread
    • Have a task list connected to assets
    • View deal and revenue attribution straight within the tool
    • Add budgetary numbers for better reporting

    2. Customer Journey Analytics

    With customer journey analytics, you can view all of your marketing activities and engagement on a single timeline. This way, you can understand what exactly works for you and what doesn’t. With this feature, you can:

    • View all of your marketing activities across emails, ads, page views, media, and more
    • See the multiple paths that prospects & customers take to reach your brand
    • Better optimize moments that matter to increase conversions
    • View revenue and deal attribution directly

    3. Data Management

    According to the research, 60% of CRM data goes unused, and 40% of all ops time is spent cleaning and preparing data. In fact, only 3% of businesses’ data meet even basic data quality standards[i].

    HubSpot’s new data management features make it easy to keep your customer data clean, connected, and under control. This way, you can be confident in your setup and make smarter decisions as you scale.

    Here are some data management features that HubSpot has included in its powerful CRM.

    • Custom Object Builder

    With this feature, you can create customized data models with just a few clicks and without any coding.

    • Property Validations

    With property validations, you can enforce consistent data entry to stop data headaches before they begin.

    • Data Quality Command Center

    With this new feature, you can get insights into the health of all your data in one place. Also, you can identify stale properties, integration bottlenecks, and more before they snowball.

    4. Simplified Payments

    From the first interaction to the transaction, you need to deliver a seamless experience throughout the buyer’s journey. HubSpot’s easy-to-use payment solution creates seamless, friction-free buying experiences without compromising quality or efficiency.

    HubSpot now offers even more ways to accept payments including forms, meetings, and marketing emails that customers can click on to pay. With a goal of simplifying customer transactions, Payment Links now support an open amount field for buyers to customize. There are more options for payments like a credit card, direct, or email link. A win for all. Also, with the latest release, you can do a one-way sync from HubSpot Payments to QuickBooks for easier accounting.

    With this feature, you can:

    • Automate paid sales receipts and invoices
    • Automate creating products
    • Reflect fees as journal entries

    5. CRM Customization

    HubSpot has introduced board card configurations to give your teams better customer insights. With this feature, admins can gain extended access to customer insights by selecting up to four properties to display board cards of all pipeline objects – from deals and tickets to custom objects.

    With main information upfront and center, sales reps can manage deals easier and close them faster. Also, additional improvements include team goals, fiscal forecasting, a stronger integration across deals and forecasting, and a new goals tool.

    What’s Next in HubSpot – Product Roadmap

    Embracing today’s dynamic world has tested how we engage and interact with our customers and support each other as peers. These challenges have made growing a business not just challenging, but seemingly impossible.

    With HubSpot, as we’re entering the new era of the connected customer, businesses can focus on the things that truly matter – building deep relationships with their customers.

    Here’s a look at HubSpot’s product roadmap to see what they’re building next to make their CRM platform more powerful.


    1. Sales Hub

    In the sales hub, we can expect the following developments to empower the sales reps.

    • Payment Objects
    • Conversation Intelligence
    • Call Index
    • Custom Object Settings
    • Improved Quote to Cash
    • Deal Enhancements
    • Sandboxes
    • Auto Sequence Enrollment
    • Native Payments
    • Advanced Reporting

    2. Marketing Hub

    In the marketing hub, we can expect to have the following developments.

    • Campaign User Roles
    • In-Line Commenting
    • Email Product Modules
    • Embedded Campaign Attribution Reporting
    • Smart Charts in Report Builder
    • Email Health Reporting by Industry
    • Workflows Enrollment History Panel
    • Autonomous GDPR Delete
    • Partitioning for Social Media Accounts
    • Marketing Email Approvals

    3. Service Hub

    In the service hub, we can expect to have the following developments.

    • Custom Views in Shared Inbox
    • Post-Chat Feedback
    • Customer Portal
    • Service Analytics
    • Mobile Inbox
    • SLAs
    • Enhanced Custom Surveys
    • Conversations APIs
    • Inbound Calling
    • Whatsapp Integrations

    4. CMS Hub

    In the CMS hub, we can expect to have the following developments.

    • Free CMS Tools
    • CMS Hub Starter
    • CRM Object Dynamic Pages
    • Reusable Sections
    • Theme Settings Powered by Brand Defaults
    • Style Fields on Custom Modules
    • Advanced Publishing Capabilities
    • Site Tree & Filter Options
    • Website Structure Import
    • Blog Listing Page Editing Enhancements

    5. Operational Hub

    In the operational hub, we can expect to have the following developments.

    • 100+ Data Sync Integrations
    • Company and Deal Sync
    • Conditional Logic in Datasets
    • Sync Health
    • Scheduled Triggers
    • Multi-Region Support for Snowflake Data Share (Beta)
    • Import Improvements


    INBOUND 22 was much more than breakout sessions, demos, and speakers. It was a complete business gala that focused on creating solutions to deliver a connected experience to the customers across sales, marketing, support, and content at a better value to their business. And we can proudly say that – INBOUND 22 was an experience to remember!

    And if you need an extra set of hands to implement HubSpot services in your business, our experts will be happy to pitch in. Just drop us a line at [email protected] and we’ll take it from there.

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