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    Grazitti Recognized as a ‘Leader’ in the 2022 NEAT Evaluation in Salesforce Experience Cloud Segment for Second Time in a Row

    Organizations need to identify customer preferences, understand their expectations, and address their queries in real-time to succeed. And, online communities fulfill that desire well.

    However, the dynamic nature of communities makes it difficult for community service providers to keep up with the competitive pace. That’s why not all community service providers are a good fit.

    And, recognitions and awards like these empower competent organizations to stand out from the rest. That’s why NelsonHall’s evaluation is just as important for customers as it is for organizations.

    We’re thrilled to share that we’ve been named a leader in the Salesforce experience cloud space in the NEAT 2022 report.

    In this article, we’ll cover all about NelsonHall’s evaluation and why we were positioned as a leader.

    NelsonHall and Its Evaluation Process

    NelsonHall, a global analyst firm, evaluates prominent vendors to help organizations to understand the ‘art of possible’ in digital transformation. Their assessment highlights the strengths of organizations. This helps evaluate where organizations stand and devise long-term strategies for future success.

    For evaluation, they leverage NelsonHall Vendor Evaluation & Assessment Tool (NEAT) to analyze the performance of vendors offering Salesforce services. It assesses the abilities of vendors across a range of criteria and business requirements to identify the most competent vendors. Sure enough, organizations recognized by NelsonHall are not only competent but deriving digital transformation in the industry.

    Grazitti’s Position

    NelsonHall evaluated about 17 prominent vendors like Accenture, IBM, Infosys, Deloitte, etc., and positioned Grazitti as one of the leaders.


    This recognition reflects our extensive expertise in Experience Cloud-based solutions development and implementation. With a focus on system integration and business process reengineering, we’ve expanded our portfolio to Salesforce Experience Cloud products. NelsonHall also took note of our ability to meet future client requirements to drive immediate benefits.

    Journey of Grazitti From Salesforce Services Leaders, 2021 to Salesforce Experience Cloud Leaders, 2022

    The evaluation report in 2021 mentioned Grazitti’s significant presence in the Salesforce ecosystem. They expected Grazitti to invest further in extending expertise in Salesforce products to expand our services. And, that’s exactly what we did. We’ve steadily expanded our capabilities from core Sales and Marketing to Experience cloud. Our notable offerings in these niches, back our prolific expertise that brings repeatability and quality.

    Moreover, we prioritized our focus on developing Marketing cloud capabilities. We’re gradually expanding our Marketing Cloud adoption. And for that, we’ve created a sufficient window to emerge as a specialist in that space as well.

    Grazitti’s Salesforce Experience Cloud Key Strengths

    Grazitti’s core strength is in Experience Cloud. As a result, we have developed some unique offerings like Cloud QuickStart, Community Discussions, and Community Content Subscription Manager.

    The following are some core strengths of Grazitti that qualified us as leaders in the Salesforce Experience Cloud space –

    • We serve high-tech, ISV firms with our unique offerings in channel management.
    • We possess exceptional expertise in case management, collaboration, and integration with ticket management tools.
    • Apart from Experience Cloud, we have a firm hold in deploying marketing cloud modules including Journey Builder and Interaction Studio.
    • Our future projections show a strategic focus on Sinergify-Jira integration, Revenue Cloud, MuleSoft, Einstein, RPA, and more.

    Between all the hard work, recognitions like these motivate us to keep going. Not only it helps us understand customers’ long-term requirements but also positions us in the ever-competitive marketplace. So, we see such evaluations as growth opportunities to nurture our clients by meeting their expectations, all while strengthening trust and credibility.

    Read the full NEAT report here. To know more about our Salesforce Experience Cloud expertise, drop us a line at [email protected], and we’ll take it from there.