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    How Gamification Can Do Wonders in Salesforce Experience Cloud

    It’s no secret that today, every business wants to engage with its customers, employees, and stakeholders. Although there are many platforms to do so such as Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok; you may find many roadblocks when it comes to customer engagement.

    So, how would you connect and engage with your customers, employees, and other stakeholders in one place? The answer is simple – Online communities.

    Online Communities – A Synopsis

    Online communities are branded spaces designed to connect a business or brand with customers, partners, and employees that enable them to collaborate. With online communities, brands can connect with their customers in several ways. It could be through offering customer support, establishing a space for peer-to-peer knowledge sharing, fostering long-term brand partnerships, and more.

    However, to make the most of your community, it is important to choose the right community platform. An efficient community platform creates a base for customer communication, raising brand awareness and improving customer loyalty and inclusivity.

    So, which is the right platform to establish an online community for your brand?

    The most popular and recommended is – Salesforce Experience Cloud.

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    Understanding Salesforce Experience Cloud

    Salesforce Experience Cloud is a next-generation platform that connects businesses partners, employees, and customers with interactive sites, portals, and apps. It lets you build communities to establish a deeper relationship with your stakeholders so that they can find any information and assist one another online. As it is Salesforce-Native, any third-party data or system can be integrated directly with the community.

    Salesforce Experience Cloud can be used to develop a wide range of Salesforce communities that help you achieve your business goals. The most popular Salesforce communities include:

    • Customer community for creating B2C experiences
    • Partner community for B2B communities
    • Internal community for internal teams

    Benefits of Building Online Communities with Salesforce Experience Cloud

    Salesforce Experience Cloud is highly flexible for several business use cases and demands. You can easily create user-friendly, feature-rich, and branded communities by using experience builder themes, standard templates, layouts, and personalization options.

    Benefits of Salesforce Experience Cloud for Building Communities

    • It engages you with your partners and customers
    • It is easy to set-up, implement, and administer
    • It is fully integrated with your Salesforce CRM system
    • It enhances the marketing experience
    • It helps you to create responsive sites ensuring enhanced customer retention and better customer experience
    • It provides an assortment of solutions to create digital experiences
    • It is integrated with Google Analytics and enables you to track the site performance and usage, including number of page views, visits, and average time spent on the site
    • It is Salesforce-Native, which means you’ll get controlled accessibility and advanced security

    How Can Gamification Make Your Online Communities Engaging?

    Once you have created a Salesforce-powered community, the next step is to implement a solution that keeps its members engaged and motivated.

    That’s where gamification comes into play.

    Gamification is an umbrella term that means implementing gaming elements like awards, reputation levels, badges, etc. in non-gaming environments. These gaming elements, when implemented in Salesforce-powered communities, help improve organizational productivity, learning, user engagement, and employee evaluation.

    According to Forbes (i), gamification can act as a ‘magical wand’ that helps brands to motivate employees, collect data, drive user engagement, or solve any business problem.

    For a Salesforce-powered community, it is vital that members are encouraged to contribute frequently and positively. Implementing gaming models in online communities increases community strength, effectiveness, and inspires more positive outcomes.

    The Power of Gamification in Salesforce Experience Cloud

    You may find lurkers in your Salesforce-powered community. Lurkers are those community members who stay silent and show less participation. These can also be the members who are new to the community and trying to get familiar with how the community works. Moreover, some of them participate less due to social fear. In order to make them engage in the online community, gamification plays a vital role.

    In Salesforce customer communities, gamification helps to motivate and engage members while creating fun experiences for them. It uses an understanding of human psychology in order to elicit positive experiences and emotions, providing community members with rewards for participation.

    To get a positive outcome from implementing gamification in a Salesforce-powered community, you need to adhere to the following principles:

    • Create a sense of purpose
    • Recognize progress and encourage completion
    • Create a sense of opportunity for your customers
    • Make the brand experience more fun

    Benefits of Gamification to Salesforce Community Managers

    The community managers are the architects behind the success of the community. They ensure that members are well-equipped to contribute to the community and use appropriate engagement techniques to achieve business objectives. This, of course, includes gamification techniques.

    When gamification is introduced into the Salesforce-powered community, it provides community managers with extra insights into the customer touchpoints and journey. Moreover, it helps community managers to:

    • Increase engagement by awarding badges to regular contributors
    • Create a dashboard in the community to track the community’s progress
    • Create a healthy level of competition
    • Increase brand awareness
    • Get new hires on board quickly
    • Increase customer engagement with gaming elements

    ScoreNotch – A Powerful Gamification Solution for Salesforce Communities

    Gamification plays a vital role in increasing user engagement in communities. However, when it comes to online communities built on the Salesforce Experience Cloud, there are certain limitations. And to overcome these limitations, Grazitti experts developed a solution: ScoreNotch– a Salesforce-Native, Lightning-Ready product which makes gamification more dynamic.

    Key Benefits

    As a powerful gamification solution for Salesforce-powered communities, ScoreNotch comes with many benefits including:

    • Recognition for active users
    • Criteria-based idea voting
    • Customized leaderboard
    • Simple to set-up and manage
    • Easy to implement
    • Helpful to build a stellar customer experience
    • Gamification for all fields of Salesforce Objects

    Features of ScoreNotch

    ScoreNotch comes with many notable features such as:

    • Missions
    • Missions are effective game elements that motivate community members to take action and build awareness about your products and services.

    • Badges
    • Badges are rewarded to community members to let them know their actions are noticed and appreciated. It motivates them to further contribute to the community.

    • Reputation Levels
    • Reputation levels are achieved by answering questions, exchanging information, and sharing posts within the community. Levels can be added, removed, as well as renamed while point range and images can be updated for each level.

    • Reputation Points
    • Reputation points endow trust to the community members. The more helpful content a member generates, the more reputation points they have.

    • Benchmark Scoring
    • Benchmark Scoring lets you set up a point system in order to reward users when they create or update records on Standard or Custom Salesforce Objects that meet certain criteria.

    • Leaderboards
    • Interactive leaderboards tailored to your community niche enable members to view badges, points, and other rewards. Community managers can monitor scores weekly or monthly to discover engaged members who can become brand advocates.

    • Migration
    • This feature makes migration from basic Salesforce gamification to ScoreNotch extremely simple. Users can migrate earned points and badges as well as reputation points and levels.

    The goal of ScoreNotch is to foster the spirit of healthy competition using a variety of gamification elements that lead to user engagement and business growth.

    ScoreNotch Use Cases

    The four powerful ScoreNotch use cases that drive gamification in Salesforce Experience Cloud are as follows:

    • Leaderboard to Track Active Community Members
    • Leaderboards enable community managers to track active members at regular intervals. This could be done through gamification that increases customer engagement in the community. The admins can set criteria for earning badges, rewards, reputation levels, and more.

    • Benchmark Scoring to Earn Points for Participation
    • Another use case for ScoreNotch is benchmark scoring. It helps in engaging users with points when they participate in the posts, discussion, creating/upgrading records in Standard or Custom Salesforce Objects.

    • Skill Badges for Skilled Community Members
    • Skill badges are given to active users for recognition. It helps them improve user experience. These badges can be assigned by community managers to users, or users can also grant themselves badges based on their skills.

    • Geographical Leaderboards for Regional Groups
    • Geographical leaderboards are designed on the basis of regions that mostly have different use cases. These leaderboards are designed for regional groups and view users who are on top of group discussion.

    Closing Notes

    In order to hook users and increase engagement in your Salesforce-powered community, gamification can do wonders. And to solidify its power, Salesforce maestros at Grazitti developed ScoreNotch.

    The Salesforce-Native, Lightning-Ready solution not only improves the gamification experience in communities but also encourages users to complete specific tasks with the goal of increasing user retention.

    Wish to make gamification more dynamic on your community for better engagement and ROI? Write to us at [email protected] and our product experts will take it from there.

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