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    How to Ace Your Email Blast Campaigns

    If you find yourself wondering that mobility and social media have made every other form of communication primitive, just hit pause! Email Marketing is still on the rise.

    The challenge? Email blast campaigns aren’t as easy as the theories we read in the marketing books. However, if you get its basics right, you’d be halfway there. What about the rest of the way, you’re thinking? A focus on your brand, a crisp body, a killer subject line, a well-timed scheduling, appealing images and hyperlinks, testing, and finally including your social media links, are a few steps to help you craft your best email blast campaigns.

    Check out this crisp and interesting infographic, “How to Ace Your Email Blast Campaigns”, by the content marketing pros at Grazitti Interactive to get a quick low-down on the Do’s and Don’ts of email blast campaigns.

    To view the infographic in high resolution click here

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