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    How to Get your WordPress Website’s Content Personalized

    Content personalization is a digital marketing strategy that has helped various websites increase their conversions. Businesses today are striving to provide premium UX to their customers, and this is where content personalization comes in.

    According to a survey report involving more than 180 B2B companies, 80% of the companies using content personalization have reaped its benefits, with 76% indicating that they will be enhancing the usage of this strategy over the course of the year. However, a lot of businesses have reportedly not been able to get the most out of this due to an inefficient implementation or not having access to the right kind of tools that must be used.

    How does content personalization help businesses?

    Content personalization is a powerful tool at a company’s disposal and is used for attracting customers. Indisputably, customers’ attention span is low, and within those minimal seconds, content that is relevant to what they have been looking for can keep them hooked to your website. So, content personalization can improve the number of lead conversions by driving engagement and increasing the ROI.

    How can Grazitti help companies with content personalization?

    Grazitti implements content personalization through its WordPress Marketo Integration Connector. The connector helps in integrating the lead data that is collected by Marketo with the landing pages that are built on WordPress. The data thus collected is used to modify content that is delivered to leads, which helps in lead nurturing, thus raising the chances of conversion.

    Features of our WordPress Marketo Integration Connector:

    • Localize websites using Conditional Blocks
    • Leverage Marketo Lead Data to show personalized content
    • Personalize content based upon user’s job title and their industry, depending upon your business requirement
    • Build conditional content blocks in WP, based on Marketo data
    • Localize content as per lead data from Marketo
    • Boost subscription rate with smart email subscription forms created in Marketo
    • Personalize product offers by showcasing the most relevant offers

    We also provide some shortcodes for content personalization:

    • For showing lead value:

    (wpformkto_lead fieldname=”firstName”)

    If the lead is known, this shortcode will fetch the particular field (for eg. firstName) value for the current lead.

    Unknown lead:


    Known Lead:


    • For matching condition:

    (if_wpformkto_lead fieldname=”Industry” fieldvalue=”Finance/Banking”)

    Personalized content for matching condition (Industry = Finance/Banking)

    Before submitting the form:


    When you submit the form with the following values:


    When you revisit the page:





    • For matching condition with ‘AND’:

    (if_wpformkto_lead fieldname=”Industry” fieldvalue=”Banking” AND fieldname1=”Country” fieldvalue1=”India” AND fieldname2=”Jobtitle” fieldvalue2=”Manager”)

    Personalized content for matching condition (Industry = Banking and country = India and jobtitle = Manager)


    Normal content


    • You can use up to 3 fieldnames in the condition with ‘AND’ operator
    • For members of static list in Marketo:

    (if_wpformkto_lead_staticlist staticlistid=”3368″)

    This content is visible to members of static list only.

    For Members of Static List:


    For members not in static list:



    To get a better understanding of the Content Personalization functionality of WordPress Marketo Integration Connector connect with our experts via [email protected].