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    How to Integrate Azure and Alteryx?

    Azure by Microsoft is a cloud computing service for building, deploying, testing, and managing applications. Used by several Fortune 500 companies, it helps deliver faster decisions and gain deeper insights for data scientists and analysts. However, monitoring Azure gets really difficult due to its data being all over the place. Hence, integrating it with a self-service analytics platform like Alteryx can add great value to your business’ decision-making process and analysis.

    The integration can help –

    • Transform companies into data-driven organizations
    • Solve business challenges with data
    • Unravel new insights to deliver end-user success

    Leverage Grazitti’s Azure-Alteryx Connector

    Grazitti’s Azure Analysis service connector is designed to help you perform advanced analytics before creating automated reports on any visualization platform. The connector is designed for users who either have a Microsoft account authentication or Azure AD authentication.

    Azure Alteryx Connector

    Once the user completes the authentication, the connector allows direct access to databases, models, and tables with just a few clicks! Once you run the workflow, the data selected by you can then be streamed to Alteryx.

    Azure Alteryx Connector

    Apart from that, users can also query and return data by running Data Analysis Expressions (DAX queries).

    The connector allows direct connection to the Azure environment and lets users run queries based on their specific requirement for pulling data to Alteryx. Hence allowing a smooth and easy integration.

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