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    How To Use Google AdWords For Keyword Research

    Google AdWords aims to provide services, which help us, create, and run ads for our business, quickly and easily. Google AdWords determines how much search has been done for a specific keyword. If we want to get traffic from search engines, we need to do some keyword research.

    How to use Google Adwords Keyword Tool

    How to use Google AdWords Keyword Tool

    Google AdWords is a free tool, built to find competitor keywords. Steps involved in using the tool are:

    Select country and language

    Open Google AdWords and place your keyword in the text box. There is an option of ‘Advanced Options and Filters’. With the help of this option you can select country and language.

    Google Adwords Select country and language

    Global and Monthly Search

    Now when you search any keyword in this tool, you can see global and monthly searches of that particular keyword. For example, if we want to optimize the keyword “Americas got talent”. The suggestions for this keyword will come up with the results like:

    Google Adwords Global and Monthly Search

    We can choose “Watch Americas got talent” rather than “Americas got talent video” on the basis of low competition and high searches.

    Where can we use these keywords, which we found from Google Adwords?

    1. SEO
      • On page Optimization
        • Meta tags
        • Title tag
        • Anchor text
      • Off page optimization
        • Article Marketing
        • Blog commenting
        • Blog writing
    2. SMM
      • Social Bookmarking
      • Social content marketing
      • Social networking sites:
        • Ads
        • Text

    This is the gist of Google AdWords: Keyword tool. With the help of suggested keyword, you can improve the page rank and traffic of your website.