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    Hybrid Events: Take Your Event Marketing Game Up a Notch

    What is the greatest way to get the best of both worlds, virtual + live events?

    Hybrid events are the answer. Two kinds of audiences, one event.

    The ability to combine the strengths of live and virtual events to give your delegates an all-encompassing experience is crucial for 2022 and beyond given the continuously shifting nature of events.

    Hybrid events are the latest kid on the block, fusing the social, interactive aspects of physical events with the simplicity and accessibility of virtual ones.

    Leading industry professionals discussed all of this and more in a fireside chat session on ‘Hybrid Events: Take Your Event Marketing Game Up a Notch’, at our virtual conference, Marketing (re)Focus, 2022. Our distinguished speakers for this session were:

    • Jessica Cerami, Director of Marketing Events, Gem
    • Stacey Ejim, Marketing Manager, Seagull Scientific
    • Maneesh Kumar, VP, Sales, Grazitti Interactive

    Let’s dig further into some of the key takeaways from this session and discover why hybrid events have the ability to bring out great business potential.

    Hybrid Events

    How to Get Started With Hybrid Events

    Begin with a framework by considering the following questions: who, what, why, when, where, and wow.

    1. Who– This refers to the audience with whom we must interact as well as how we must construct something for that audience.
    2. What– What kind of material, timetable, and event are you planning?
    3. Why– Why do you need to engage this audience and what are your goals in terms of commercial impact?
    4. When– When it comes to events, timing is crucial. For example, when do you need to host this event so that you can see the business impact?
    5. Where – It’s important to consider whether it’ll be in person, virtual, or hybrid and the venue/platform for the event.
    6. Wow– What will entice folks to attend your event?

    Hybrid Events Vs Virtual and In-Person Events

    During times of social estrangement, people are hesitant to attend gatherings and interact with one another in person. Unlike virtual and in-person events, hybrid events have a higher chance of success because:

    1. They combine the advantages of both types of events.
    2. They provide the highest level of comfort and interaction above ground.
    3. They enable you to move quickly from one platform to another.
    4. Any physical event can be transformed into a virtual event, and vice versa.

    Technology Essentials for Hosting Hybrid Events

    Having the appropriate technology in your corner is a key component of conducting a hybrid event. The three key considerations here are:

    1. Customization and Control: Before making a decision, learn what you can and can’t control and customize with each platform.
    2. Determining and Comprehending: Look for a platform that can provide an experience that is representative of your business. For example, Zuddl is fully customizable and scalable to your needs.
    3. Data: Gain a better understanding of your clients and attendance. Make use of the audience’s data that you have collected previously and make the most of it to create highly personalized experiences so as to guarantee that your event efforts pay off.

    Hybrid Event Team and Its Responsibilities

    Businesses must also have the necessary staff in place to handle the technology and manage the event in order for it to be a success. The most crucial considerations here:

    1. Figure out what resources you have and how many individuals are there in your team. Make sure you are doing what’s possible and feasible for your group.
    2. Outline the order of events. Check to see if there are any overlaps or similarities. To keep the audience focused, make sure there isn’t a lot of dead time.
    3. It’s best to keep at least one person on the ground and another in charge of the virtual event.
    4. Make sure the event’s quality is top-notch because, at the end of the day, people want to attend an event that is valuable.
    5. Outsource if necessary. You can get in touch with event management companies in addition to using event platforms to organize your event. Simply consider how you want your event to turn out and seek assistance.

    Pro-Tips to Make Your Hybrid Event Successful

    There are three secrets to success when it comes to hybrid events. These are:

    1. Use a platform that is easy to use and accessible.
    2. Stay flexible and adaptable.
    3. Make contingency preparations because the environment is continually changing.

    To catch all the insights from this fireside chat, check out the full video. And if you missed attending Marketing (r) Focus, 2022 live, you can catch up on all the action right here.

    If you’d need assistance planning and executing your next virtual event, just drop us a line at [email protected] and we’ll take it from there.