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    Salesforce Field Service Lightning – How It is Changing the Face of the Finance Industry

    “Always keep in mind the old retail adage: Customers remember the service a lot longer than they remember the price.”- Lauren Freedman

    Customers hold a massive value in driving business toward success.

    Better customer service brings more revenue, increases productivity, improves your brand’s reputation, and much more.

    And as the world has become digital, organizations have started using technology to offer personalized services and foster meaningful relationships with customers.

    By simplifying the job of your field service agents, you can deliver better on field services and foster better relationships with your customers.

    And Salesforce’s Field Service Lightning (FSL) helps you do just that. It is an extension of Salesforce Service Cloud that offers AI-powered technology to bring customers, employees, and products together on a single platform.

    Now, Salesforce FSL can be leveraged by many industries and one sector that can definitely benefit from it is the financial sector.

    The finance sector thrives on field service.

    FSL in the financial sector enables executives to drive deeper customer relationships by providing them better field service experiences.

    In this article, we’ll learn everything about Salesforce FSL, its benefits, and how it makes things easier for the financial services industry.

    Transforming Field Operations With Salesforce Field Service Lightning

    According to research[i], 93% of customers repeat purchases with companies that deliver exceptional customer service.

    Salesforce Field Service Lightning ensures that you constantly offer speedy, efficient, and excellent customer service.

    It comes with AI technology that connects back-end operations to improve your workforce management, boost efficiency, schedule tasks from a mobile device, etc.

    FSL offers real-time visibility into operational tasks and KPIs, making it easy for you to address customer cases/complaints/queries on time.

    You can track the live location and work status of your on-field technicians, access knowledge-based articles, monitor inventory, etc.

    This leads to more efficient workforce productivity, resulting in better customer service.

    Features of Salesforce Field Service Lightning

    Customers demand more responsive, up-to-the-minute assistance for their queries from field service technicians. And agents must be equipped with the right tools and technology in real-time to address issues without any delay.

    Salesforce FSL enables you to do this with its powerful features. Let’s take a look at them.

    • Field Service Mobile Application

    The field service mobile application in Salesforce’s FSL is an offline-friendly feature that eases the job of your mobile workers by updating the work orders. This app lets you work in offline mode and save changes without having internet connectivity. Also, this allows you to gather customer signatures, and connect with dispatchers from their mobile devices.

    • Field Service Analytics

    Salesforce’s FSL offers Field Service Analytics that integrate your service data into one easy-to-use application. With this, you can drill the crucial operational data and take measurable action to resolve cases faster and more efficiently. It also enables you to identify cases/problems beforehand to optimize the mobile workforce.

    • Dispatcher Console

    This feature is for dispatchers who control and track every appointment and assigns them to the mobile workforce. Dispatcher Console ensures that the right job is assigned to the right person at the right time. It also features a map and a highly editable Gantt chart that shows upcoming service appointments with active team members.

    These features of Salesforce Field Lightning Service help field technicians provide better service to resolve customer issues in the best possible way. This increases agents’ productivity, improves customer service, and customer satisfaction towards your business.

    Salesforce FSL is for every industry that wants to provide a connected experience/service to their customers. And finance industry is no exception.

    Benefits of Salesforce Field Service Lightning – A Closer Look

    Benefits of Salesforce Field Service Lightning

    For the financial industry, their agents must constantly work on their optimal best to deliver better on-site services.

    Let’s take a look at how Salesforce FSL helps finance agents’ reps provide more personalized, predictive customer service:

    • Planning and Scheduling

      FSL comes with a Field Service Managed Package that allows dispatchers to optimize their schedules, and appointments with respect to the organization’s policy. It also helps them integrate and maintain schedule, appointment, and optimization rules with the admin app. For instance, a customer may need a new checkbook. In this case, the executive can use the Field Service Managed Package to assign or appoint an agent who could visit the customers’ place and hand over the checkbook.

    • Track Inventory

      Field Service Lightning enables administrators and agents to establish operational hours as per their customers’ business requirements. It also helps sales reps track the inventory and stock on a timely basis to meet customer demands in real time. For instance, all the B2B inventory like medical insurance, home insurance, etc, tie-ups for their employees from a particular finance company. So, to know the nitty-gritty of insurance packages, the employee would need to connect with the account/finance agents. And that’s where FSL will work to help agents set their availability according to their operational hours. With this, finance agents can reach out to the on-site reps and help them with the inventory information they need.

    • Mobile Experiences

      Salesforce FSL app brings entire on-site job management to your mobile workforce. With this, you can have the access to job scheduling, inventory visibility, and field service solution on the fly without having connectivity with cell phones. For example, on-premise finance executives who are working from home or anywhere across the world can access or track the work status of their field service agents with the help of the Salesforce FSL mobile application.

    • Creation of Work Order

      FSL lets you create the appropriate work orders for your field service staff operations. The platform helps teams view the knowledge articles based on the case they want to resolve. Also, the field service workers can access data from any database point as the work orders are integrated with the accounts, contacts, assets, and cases. For instance, FSL enables finance executives to create work orders for their field service agents. With this, agents get the clarity of which case they have to resolve, at what time they have to reach the customer, and fix the issue. It also helps agents to view any knowledge articles related to the customer query and solve it hassle-free.

    • Conversion of Work Order

      Field Service Lightning converts the work order into an invoice when the overall service process is completed. This gives the clarification that field service staff have resolved and completed the request. For example, if the customer wants a credit card delivered to their new place, then a field agent will come and hand it over to the customer. From reaching out to the customer to providing the credit card at the right place, every activity of the agent can be tracked by the backend finance executive with FSL. It lets them know that the field service agent has completed the work order and resolved the case successfully.

    • Organizing Work Orders

      FSL offers a feature ‘Dispatcher Console’ that helps dispatchers coordinate with various teams to offer service proficiently. With this, dispatchers can organize their work orders based on the nature of the work order, skill set, and availability of the professional. Also, it helps micromanage the dispatch process to boost the reach of the field service team. For instance, customers need to update the government ID proofs in their mobile app and want assistance from a field agent to resolve this case. In this case, finance reps can utilize FSL to coordinate with their field agents to know who is available to visit customers’ place and help them with the issue.

    Final Thoughts

    Salesforce Field Service Lightning can become an optimum solution for finance reps to deliver exceptional on-site services to their customers. With its powerful features and AI technology, Salesforce FSL allows finance agents to optimize their field operations, boost productivity, enhance customer engagement, and bring more customers to the business.

    If you are ready to accelerate your financial services with Salesforce Field Service Lightning, drop us an email at [email protected], and we’ll take it from there.

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