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    Salesforce Service Cloud: The Smarter Way to Deliver Future-Ready Support Experiences

    Modern business leaders can agree that building trust and maintaining customer loyalty is challenging in today’s competitive era.

    For brands to thrive, they need to make every customer engagement more valuable than the last.

    And to empower your customer support team to do better, you should let the power of technology carry the weight of creating superlative experiences.

    A platform like Salesforce Service Cloud can be your ultimate ally to higher customer satisfaction. With its powers like visual remote assistant, AI, easy-to-use features, and highly customizable tools, it can empower your support agents to deliver better support from anywhere.

    In this article, we’ll dive into what it means to be future-ready and how Salesforce Service Cloud can be your trump card for success – now and in the future.

    What Does Being ‘Future-Ready’ Mean?

    Leaders that are armed with foresight and strategic decision-making are always one step ahead of their competition. They are constantly looking forward to seizing new opportunities for business growth.

    To get those opportunities to work for you, you must look for technologies that are more flexible, integrated, resilient, and deliver a more humane experience to your customers.

    The Future of Service Teams

    The future of exceptional customer service is all about creating better and consistent experiences across different channels and touchpoints. And it belongs to the brands that make customer support their competitive advantage.

    So, let’s take a peek into how the service industry would look like in 2022 and beyond.


    1. Shift to Proactive Support

    For decades, the mantra for support teams has been a reactive support strategy – to answer inquiries as they come in and teams struggling to keep up. However, today and the future is all about being proactive when offering support. With proactive support, you can empower your team to get ahead of known customer issues and problems before they arise and this requires intelligent use of data. According to research, 78% of support leaders[i] want to progress from a reactive to a proactive approach.

    2. Automate With AI Chatbots

    AI is transforming customer service and has already picked up pace. According to research, by 2027, the worldwide chatbot market is projected to reach 454.8 million U.S. dollars in revenue[ii]. Customer support bots enable brands with a gateway for round-the-clock support via automated replies to immediately assist the customer.

    3. Upskill Your Agents

    With an increase in automation and self-service tools, leaders want to simplify their tasks with automation and self-service tools. But as companies invest more in automation and self-service, it’s key to evaluate how your employees fit into the mix of creating positive digital experiences. Ensure that you spend time each week coaching and training your team. Work with each agent 1:1 to see how you can empower them to handle future interactions.

    4. Deliver Personalization

    As customers get smarter, your service should become a lot more relevant, helpful, and powerful. And to do that, your support teams could leverage AI-powered suggestions to make it easier and quicker to provide personalized experiences.

    5. Provide Omnichannel Support

    Today’s digital buyers navigate in a wide range of channels and shopping journeys. And given the growing mix of channels, the importance of omnichannel support won’t slow down. Managing all these channels gets tricky for agents. That’s where intelligent solutions can enable your customers to connect seamlessly with your support staff agents. The demand for such solutions would be on the rise as it would help agents deliver high-quality service that builds trust and increases retention.

    How Can Salesforce Service Cloud Enable Your Teams to Be Future-Ready?

    Salesforce Service Cloud is built on the Salesforce Customer-360 Platform. It unifies data to make it easier for separate systems to access the same information in different ways, across channels.

    Service Cloud aims to efficiently organize, streamline, and simplify processes within your customer support department.

    Using its customer service console and a suite of intelligent productivity tools, Service Cloud has got it all to get your team to create future-ready experiences. Let’s look at some awesome features that it offers.

    1. Contact Center

    With the rise in online activity, high volumes of customer inquiries have become a norm. But to deliver all that the customers expect, your contact center team’s efforts should be smarter, efficient, and have the right combination of technology. Service Cloud Voice makes your contact center ready for the future.

    It is built right into your:

    • Service Cloud
    • Service Channels
    • CRM Data

    And it offers benefits like:

    • Integrated telephony so agents work on a centralized console
    • Agents offer personalized solutions and the next best actions with Einstein and real-time call transcription

    2. Visual Remote Assistant

    Given the hybrid model of working today, it can get tricky for field technicians or support agents and customers to communicate. That’s where Virtual Remote Assistant makes it easy to reduce on-site time by enabling two-way video and audio for face-to-face conversations to resolve complex issues from anywhere.

    3. Automation Intelligence

    Einstein AI is a big part of Service Cloud. It automates repetitive inquiries and helps service agents to resolve cases faster, which frees up time for the agent to work on more complex tasks.

    You can:

    • Use Einstein Bots to take action like checking issue status or modifying orders
    • Route the right case to the right agent with the Einstein Case Routing functionality
    • Get real-time insights with the Einstein Next Best Action to make data-driven decisions rather than just following the age-old playbook
    • Use Service Analytics to identify areas for improvement
    • Einstein Field Service to help track and monitor support teams for real-time collaboration
    • Easily custom-build apps to streamline processes utilizing the AI of Einstein Production Builder and Einstein Vision
    • Quickly resolve common issues with Pre-Built Einstein Bots and make support teams efficient

    4. Slack-First Service

    The recent Slack-First Service launched by Salesforce is a swift move towards the worlds of collaboration software and CX coming together in a brand-new way to redefine how customer service would work in the new digital world.

    It has a new case swarming tool that can describe how agents can automatically create a Slack channel to connect agents with experts across the organization to ensure faster resolution for cases, which ultimately results in improving CSAT.

    Wrapping Up

    The complexity of today’s customer service requires a modern solution for connected service. And all of this is underscored by our ever-changing world that expects you to be faster in automating business tasks – so you and your teams can focus on driving growth, not just for today but the future.

    Wish to create future-ready experiences with Salesforce Service Cloud? Just drop us a line at [email protected] and we’ll take it from there.

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