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    Super Charge Your Lead Gen with a Real-Time Calculator

    Are you looking to improve your customer experience and nurture your leads? There is a way out!

    Progressive profiling is one way to gather information about your prospects. While it is certainly effective, everything depends on that prospect coming back to your website.

    What if you can increase form fills, get to know your prospects better, and eventually market with personalization?


    Let us take a look at how we helped our customer with such requirements:


    The customer wanted us to build Marketo landing pages with dynamic content while using a calculator step form. They also wanted the automatically calculated values to be displayed in a downloadable PDF in Marketo.

    Detailed requirements

    • The customer wanted 4 sets of visible fields on the platform.
    • Clicking on the next button shall display the next set of fields if the recent fields are valid.
    • On form submission, it shall make calculations and write calculated values to hidden fields.
    • On form success, it shall replace the placeholders with the calculated values in the follow-up page and the PDF generated on the fly.

    Grazitti’s approach to the requirements

    Taking the customer’s requirements into consideration, this is how Grazitti professionals worked on it:

    • Created a 4-step Marketo form in the fieldset format.
    • Used Fieldset-at-a-Time (FSaaT) JQuery Code to target the fieldsets and custom validation on each step with dynamic content. This code helped in adding as many fieldsets as required.
    • Used specific formulas that gave personalized results based on the information filled.

    PDF generation

    • PHP TCPDF library to create PDF Files.
    • Generate PDF according to the customer’s requirements.
    • In-built functions to set the background images on the right coordinates.
    • Defined HTML tags and ways to apply CSS on the class attributes. This way the styles are reusable.

    Here is how the process works:


    In case of any query or any sort of assistance, feel free to write to us at [email protected].