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    Transforming CX in Khoros Community: A Success Story

    In an ever-evolving digital landscape, online communities have become the quarterback for brands to connect like-minded individuals and foster sustainable growth.

    Our customer understood this, but they faced several pain points that hindered user engagement and community expansion.

    To overcome these challenges, our customer sought to enhance their online community by implementing a range of powerful features and capabilities.

    These enhancements were driven by their desire to:

    • Facilitate easier connections
    • Maximize visibility and participation
    • Empower users with customization options
    • Streamline campaign management
    • Establish effective communication channels

    By addressing these pain points head-on, our customer aimed to create an engaging and vibrant online community that thrived on active member interaction, collaboration, and a sense of belonging.

    So how did we do it? Let’s dig in!

    Elevating User Interactions With Profile Hover Card

    One of the key features that elevated our customer’s online community experience was the profile hover card. This feature enabled users to access essential information about other community members at a glance. By simply hovering over a user’s name or avatar, important details such as their bio, role, and recent activity are displayed. This enhanced user interaction lead to improved networking, all while delivering a more personalized community experience.

    Transforming CX in Khoros Community: A Success Story

    Empowering Engagement With Scheduled Notification Banners

    Scheduled notification banners played a vital role in our customer’s success story.

    This feature allowed community managers to target specific audiences with important announcements or updates.

    Through the strategic scheduling of these notifications, our customer successfully engaged with their community members, ensuring that the information reached them effectively and garnered maximum visibility and engagement.

    The ability to reach users at the right time significantly contributed to fostering a sense of belonging and active participation within the community.

    Increasing Engagement With Custom User Dashboards

    A custom user dashboard was another instrumental component in enhancing the user experience within our customer’s online community. This feature provided users with personalized settings, content organization options, and valuable user analytics. By tailoring their dashboard to their preferences, members witnessed a seamless and intuitive browsing experience. This level of customization empowered users, resulting in increased satisfaction and a deeper connection to the community.

    Transforming CX in Khoros Community: A Success Story

    Delivering Personalized Experiences With a Comprehensive Campaign Page

    Centralizing all campaigns within a dedicated page proved to be a game-changer for our customer’s community. The campaign page allowed for easy navigation, increased visibility, and streamlined management of community initiatives. By having a centralized hub for campaigns, our customer witnessed heightened participation, improved coordination, and a stronger sense of community purpose. This feature empowered community managers to drive impactful initiatives while creating a cohesive and engaging experience for all members.

    Fostering Captivating Connections: Redesigned Email Templates

    Effective communication extends beyond the confines of the community itself. Redesigned email templates played a crucial role in keeping the community members engaged even when they weren’t active in the community.

    Here’s how we helped our customer:

    • We created custom email templates with attractive visuals and layouts.
    • We redesigned the templates to capture member interest and promote prompt action. This led to an increase in engagement and click-through rates.
    Transforming CX in Khoros Community: A Success Story

    Closing Notes

    The transformation of our customer’s online community through strategic enhancements yielded remarkable results.

    By leveraging powerful features such as profile hover cards, scheduled notification banners, custom user dashboards, a dedicated campaign page, and redesigned email templates, our customer successfully addressed pain points and unlocked the true potential of their community.

    User engagement soared to unparalleled levels, fostering easier connections, personalized experiences, streamlined communication, and active participation.

    Through these enhancements, our customer was not only able to cultivate a vibrant and thriving online community but also laid the foundation for sustained growth, collaboration, and the enduring satisfaction of its esteemed members.

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    With the power of these enhancements and the right platform, the possibilities for their community are boundless, signaling a bright future ahead.

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