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    Turbocharge Your Salesforce CRM With the Power of Einstein AI

    Let’s think back to a decade ago.

    Artificial intelligence was too costly and complex to be used on a business scale. Only big enterprises could afford it.

    Fast-forward to today. The game has changed completely and AI is now the norm.

    In fact, research shows that the global AI market is expected to reach $267 billion in value by 2027[i].

    Research also suggests that 55% of decision-makers[ii] plan to increase their investment in marketing technology, including machine learning and AI.

    You can use AI in almost all aspects of marketing, and customer relationship management (CRM) is an area in which brands use AI to get marketing and sales insights.

    When we think or say CRM, Salesforce is bound to come to mind. They are not just trailblazing the CRM world but are even leading the way with enterprise AI software.

    In the fall of 2016, they unveiled Salesforce Einstein – a suite of powerful AI tools carefully designed to enhance customer experiences and streamline business processes.

    Let’s unravel all the things that you can do with the powerful Einstein AI.

    What is Salesforce Einstein AI?

    Salesforce Einstein is a smart AI technology used for the customization of CRM data. It helps by automatically processing information, delivering accurate predictions, giving recommendations based on your business needs, and providing comprehensive insights for better decision-making.

    Here’s a low-down of the two most popular Einstein products:

    Einstein Discovery

    Einstein Discovery brings together the power of analytics, machine learning, and statistical analysis to help businesses get insights from their data easily.

    It helps users to understand what happened, why it happened, what could happen, and what actions should be taken next.

    Einstein Prediction Builder

    With Prediction Builder, you can eliminate the need for ‘ETL-ing’ your data. In a few easy clicks, you can make custom predictions connected to any custom or standard object.

    There are also other powerful products like:

    • Einstein Next Best Action
    • Einstein Bots
    • Einstein Voice
    • Einstein Vision and Language

    We’ll get to know more about some of these popular products as we go ahead.

    Why is Einstein Different?

    Data is the building block and everything you do starts with the data you collect. Your customer data is already stored in the CRM, Einstein helps you do something more valuable with it. It brings in the power of email, social, IoT, and external data.

    This data in your CRM becomes the fuel needed to fire your AI models and because it’s already structured, Einstein can start learning, building processes, predicting, recommending, and automating.

    You can analyze complex datasets easily with the Einstein Analytics app. And with that, you can get an overview of your data in one place and use insights to create better strategies.

    The Shift from Einstein Analytics to Tableau CRM

    After Tableau’s acquisition by Salesforce, Tableau announced that Salesforce’s Einstein Analytics will be renamed to Tableau CRM.

    Tableau CRM is cloud-based and is built on top of the Salesforce platform that provides you a better way to explore data. It enables you to understand your pipeline better, get end-to-end customer insights as well as predictive insights, using historical data. With this, you can plan your next course of action well.

    Tableau CRM is optimized for mobile analytics and has the ability to analyze millions of rows in a jiffy and quickly perform predictive analytics.

    What Makes Einstein ‘THE’ Ultimate AI Assistant for Modern Organizations?

    Einstein is power-packed with multiple features to engage customers better, increase productivity, and deliver superior customer experiences.

    Let’s look at what Einstein can do for you within different Salesforce products.


    1. Einstein in Sales Cloud

    Tools like Lead Scoring and Opportunity Insights help you identify potential leads, prioritize them, and give insights to help you close those deals.

    You can even use Einstein Voice’s AI technology to manage your Salesforce CRM platform via spoken instructions. Also, you can make notes and connect them to the records automatically, open dashboards, and more.

    Einstein Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is useful for interpreting documents and cutting down the time spent on repetitive tasks.

    You can unlock useful insights by checking the reports and dashboards in Salesforce Einstein Analytics.

    2. Einstein in Service Cloud

    Einstein’s deep learning leverages Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing to improve customer interactions and customer experience.

    The Einstein Translation tool enables you to adapt dynamic language translation for any component. For instance, your service agents can easily communicate with customers from around the globe using Einstein Translation.

    Sorting customer cases becomes easy with the Einstein Case Classification tool.

    Additionally, you can use Einstein Bots to solve routine customer inquiries and reply to the most common questions much quicker.

    Also, intelligent case routing directs cases to the right agent with the right skills, to give the best possible solution in the customers’ first interaction.

    3. Einstein in Commerce Cloud

    Use tools like Einstein Product Recommendations to guide customers to products tailored to their interests making their experience personalized and relevant.

    The Einstein Predictive Sort tool tracks customer’s interactions on the app/website to offer personalized sorting rules for products based on the current customer’s browsing behavior.

    Additionally, the Einstein Search Recommendations functionality improves the search experience by adding cool new features, such as personalized search term completion, personalized search suggestions, and trending search phrase suggestions.

    4. Einstein in Marketing Cloud

    Use tools like Einstein Recommendations and Einstein Journey Insights together to track consumer journeys and give your customers recommendations about products they’ll love, based on their social activity.

    With the Einstein Engagement Scoring tool, you’ll be able to predict consumer engagement with your brand and discover what makes them buy, thus, helping you create smarter, more personalized marketing messages.

    Additionally, you can use the Einstein Campaign Insights tool to view your email campaign’s performance and the influencing factors in real-time.

    5. Einstein in Community Cloud

    The Einstein Recommendations tool enables your community members to easily find the resources they need. Also, based on their activity, automated suggestions for the posts and content they love would surely take the engagement quotient up a notch.

    With the Einstein Feed Insights tool, you can keep your community members delighted and engaged by making available the posts and updates that are important to them.

    With these tools in your arsenal, you can improve almost all facets of your business operations, and the best part, you can mix and match these tools in the respective Org as per your unique business needs.

    Why Should You Integrate AI and CRM?

    With the growing amount of transactions, there is an increase in the heaps of your customer data too. This growing volume of data can complicate business relationships and delay business processes. This makes it challenging to analyze customer patterns accurately. According to research[iii], sales reps spend over half of their time using their CRM and trying to manage CRM tasks more effectively.

    Such challenges are common in almost every industry, and that’s why combining the powers of AI and CRM can make things a piece of cake! AI tools can convert unstructured data to structured data in a breeze. It can automate tasks, all while offering valuable insights about your customers. Also, you can improve the productivity of your front-end teams and boost customer experience.

    It aims to help organizations leverage data to make better decisions, identify trends, predict events, and share relevant suggestions to take action.

    That’s why the combinational capabilities of the smart assistant – Einstein and the data extracted from your Salesforce CRM can help you enrich CRM processes across the board.

    Salesforce states Einstein as the most comprehensive AI for CRM. And we couldn’t agree more!

    Don’t limit your Salesforce CRM capabilities to just be a digital Rolodex that collects basic customer information, rather add the AI powers of Einstein to add valuable context and direction to make it a smarter CRM.

    Need assistance integrating your CRM with AI capabilities? Fret not, just drop us a line at [email protected] and we’ll take it from there.


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