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    Why Zendesk Customization Should be on Your Checklist

    89% of companies accept[i] that customer experience is the key factor when it comes to gaining new customers and retaining the existing ones. And today, customer experience is more than just solving customer queries in time as it has shifted drastically towards personalized experience.

    But how to offer a personalized customer experience? For enterprises aiming to achieve this, Zendesk stands out and is fast becoming the go-to platform to facilitate personalized customer experiences. However, every organization’s business needs are different and so must be their Zendesk instance.

    While Zendesk has a variety of features built-in, a customized Zendesk Guide goes a long way to support an organization’s CX initiatives and creates a better self-service experience.

    How Can Zendesk Software be Customized?

    If your support function works with a complicated workflow, it would translate to less efficient agents, higher support costs, and lower CSAT. Zendesk customization allows you to elevate your support experience with customized workflows and knowledge base. Zendesk customer support software can be customized using more than 100 different APIs.

    From simple branding adjustments like a customized Zendesk Guide panel with custom logo, name, font, and color to third-party integrations with various applications such as Slack, Salesforce, Magento, and more; customization elevates its features, UX, and functionalities.


    Three Reasons to Get Zendesk Customization:

    • Improved Agent Productivity

    Customer service agents want their customer interactions to become seamless. Zendesk support ticket system provides agents with the context of the customer they’re serving, including relevant customer details and the previous interaction history. Agents can access these details to see all previous interactions and events with the customer in one place. They can, therefore, respond more quickly and with greater personalization.

    Customization helps your organization to scale quickly and maximize team productivity by reducing the manual routing time agents spend on tickets. It enables you to streamline your workflows by routing tickets to the agent who is most qualified to handle them.

    Admins can leverage customization to create contextual workspaces and provide the required knowledge at your agents’ fingertips. When customized, workspaces can be configured for specific ticket conditions and display or hide relevant forms and applications. This eventually reduces agents’ efforts and boosts their productivity.

    • Improved Self-Service

    By customizing your Zendesk knowledge base, you can make your help center visually engaging and well-structured to make it easily accessible for your customers. Considering the primary objective of Zendesk Guide is to empower customers to find the answers and the information they require, the Zendesk help center’s customization can enhance your customer experience. Check out how we helped one of our customers improve their self-service experience with Zendesk customization.

    • Reduced Support Costs

    As you setup your Zendesk Guide to enable customers to discover solutions and the necessary information by themselves, providing them with easy access to your online knowledge base will reduce the likelihood that they will need to contact customer support. For instance, customer selects a topic and a pop-up window displays a list of available articles. They find valuable information right at the get-go, eliminating the need to create and send a support ticket. With a Zendesk help center that is easy to access and navigate information, your customized Zendesk Guide will enable ticket deflection, which ultimately will save you a lot of support costs.

    The Bottom Line

    In a competitive market, the companies with the best customer experience are likely to become the customer favorites. Therefore, a customized Zendesk instance that makes your support workflows easier, implements self-service features and makes your support reps productive, goes a long way to help your brand stand out.

    If you want to leverage the potential of Zendesk and customize it to enhance your customer experience, feel free to drop us a line at [email protected] and we’ll take it from there!

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