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    ZakViews: A Free System Views Access Control Plugin for Dynamics CRM

    Anyone who has used Dynamics CRM knows how difficult it can be to deal with System Views. Any user who has access to your entity can see all system views.

    The only way to hide system views is to remove a user from your entity. Unless you were prepared to shell out serious money, there was no middle way until now.

    Meet ZakViews

    ZakViews is a Dynamics CRM plugin that provides System Views access control. After installing it, you can decide who can see system views based on his or her role. The plugin is free to download and has been tested for Dynamics CRM Online Version 8.2 and above.

    Next follows the process of installing and configuring ZakViews.

    How to Install and Configure ZakViews

    To install and use HideViews, you must:

    • Be using Dynamics Online Version 8.2 and above
    • Be in a role that has System Administrator privileges


    1. Download ZakViews from and extract the files in a folder.
    2. Open PluginRegistration.exe in SDK\Tools\PluginRegistration.
    3. Connect to your organization.
    4. Navigate to the next screen and select your organization(s).
    5. On the menu bar, select Register New Assembly.
    6. Load HideViews and click Register.
    7. Right-click on the newly register assembly and select Register New Step.


    1. Use the following settings to initiate set-up:
      • Message: RetrieveMultiple
      • Entity: savedquery
      • XML: Your XML configuration
      • Sample XML

      <?xml version = ‘1.0’ encoding = ‘utf-8’ ?><Roles> <Role name=”Role1″>  <view>All Leads</view> <view>My Open Leads</view> </Role> <Role name=”Role2″>  <view>All Leads</view> <view>My Open Leads</view> </Role></Roles>

    2. To hide System Views from a role, add the role in your XML configuration.

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