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    Community Talks Ep 2: A Day in the Life of a Solo Community Manager

    An online community is a big thing, and administering it single-handedly is never an easy task. Community managers need to plan the day’s projections, prioritize tasks, keep a check on queries, encourage conversations and engage in the community to run it efficiently and effectively.

    In our podcast, A Day In the Life of a Solo Community Manager, we highlight the tips & tricks required to manage an online community.


    You’ll learn:

    • What motivates community managers to be more productive
    • How to enhance your online community’s engagement rate
    • Thoughts on community evolution in the last five years
    • How to stay proactive and respond to comments and customer queries in a timely manner
    • ARole of internal team bonding in an online community for a community manager
    • What role does a product SME play in your community
    • Tips for community managers to manage their daily activities
    • How community managers can keep their community active and alive for a long time
    • Role of a task manager to streamline the internal work mechanism

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