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    Community Talks Ep 11: Examining Business’ Strategic Community Investments at a Macro-Level

    Online communities have revamped the way brands interact with their customers and operate. But in order to build communities that are robust and promise to fulfill customer expectations, community managers need to have a strong understanding of each community process backed by concrete community management practices.

    In this episode of community talks, our speakers explain how businesses’ investments in communities have changed over the past few years and how the role of online communities has evolved for driving business growth.

    marketing podcast

    What you’ll learn:

    • How communities have become an indispensable part of an organization’s plan of action
    • The evolving role of community manager as a central point of contact between an organization and its audience
    • What qualities make a community manager
    • The macro-level trends in business’ online community investments

    Featured Speakers

    Check out our latest episode of Community Talks to unlock the full potential of online communities with Grazitti’s community experts. Click here to know more about our online community services and our CMaaS offerings.