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    Community Talks Ep 5: The Cross-Functionality of an Online Community

    An online community has its branches stretched into various roles, such as Product Success, Customer Success, Client Success, Knowledge Base, and most importantly Support Success. Due to this cross-functional use of community resources, a community manager carries a lot of responsibility.

    Companies depend on communities to measure the success of a lot of their business processes. Success in a community is determined by its KPIs. This calls for the community managers to gain more and more knowledge about their communities and start experimenting with them to achieve growth.

    In this episode of Community Talks, our speakers explain what roles do online communities perform in their companies and how effective they have proven to be.


    You’ll learn:

    • The journey of a marketer to becoming a community manager
    • The cross-functional role of an online community
    • How communities can help initiate client success programs
    • How you can leverage complex community reporting
    • Program running success with the community

    Featured Speakers

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