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    Community Talks Ep 6: Evolution of Video Strategy for Community Stakeholders

    Videos have emerged as the most immersive form of content that businesses can produce. According to a 2019 report, 96% of respondents stated that they used videos to learn more about a product or an app. Clearly, videos have quite an edge when it comes to capturing audiences’ attention.

    A community manager has to ensure that he uses the most effective and interactive methods to approach end-users. Since videos can be highly instrumental in generating interest around your products, services, and the brand, it is a good idea to use them for your online community. In fact, videos should be used extensively in communities in the form of vlogs, live videos, or animated videos for product launches and descriptions, online tutorials, online coaching, eCourses, events, etc.

    In this episode of Community Talks, our speakers deep dive into how resourceful videos prove to be in the community strategy.


    You’ll learn:

    • Jeremie Gluckman from WeVideo’s, journey as a community manager
    • Some handy tips for community managers shared by Jeremie Gluckman and John Summers
    • How a solid video strategy can play a vital role in the community
    • How people are engaging with the video content
    • How impactful is video streaming for educational sectors
    • How to experiment with videos that can help you grow your community

    Featured Speakers