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    Community Talks Ep 7: How Can You Sell Through Online Communities?

    Higher Logic, in one of its reports, has stated that 80 percent of a business’s future revenue will come from only 20 percent of its existing customers. Going by that figure, it’s quite evident that you really have to focus on engaging your current customer base. You need to dig deep into understanding their needs and requirements in order to upsell or cross-sell. Online communities can be of major help to you in that area.

    Essentially meant for understanding customers’ psyche, online communities help the company weave its brand narrative around that. It enables strengthening relations with the customers while also generating new leads and sales opportunities, boosting customer retention, speeding product adoption, and improving brand visibility.

    This week’s Community Talks Podcast focuses majorly on how communities can be used for selling and how adding support from other teams can enhance its relevancy for the company.


    You’ll learn:

    • How Okta uses its community and in what roles?
    • What challenges does a community manager face?
    • What is social care and how can it help you get a 3600 view of the customer?
    • How do online communities fit in the sales role?
    • What is the importance of getting support from various teams of an organization for communities?
    • How can communities help in driving sales practices?
    • What value can communities generate for different teams of an organization?
    • How can internal communities help different teams connect with each other?

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