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    Community Talks Ep 8: Driving Success by Boosting Community Value

    The ever-growing span of communities in a company’s internal processes has highlighted the importance of involving executive teams to drive engagement metrics and demonstrate value. Community managers should, thus, invent strategies and build communities that increase CSAT, engagement, and conversion.

    In this episode of community talks, our speakers explain the need to adopt a cross-functional approach and how community managers can set long-term goals for achieving growth.


    What you’ll learn:

    • Leveraging existing community trends to drive community success
    • How managers must articulate data to boost community engagement
    • Adding social attribution to sales via online communities
    • Understanding the vertical aspects of communities
    • How to set long-term community objectives for business growth
    • Where to start from? Key tips for novices.

    Featured Speakers

    Explore the full potential of online communities with Grazitti’s community experts. Click here to know more about the online community services that we offer.