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    Community Talks Ep 9: How Horizontal Integration is Paramount in Making Communities Cross-Functional

    Building communities that are engaging and vibrant has become a key necessity for an organization’s success. Making communities an integral part of a company’s internal processes empowers businesses to identify customer needs, understand them, and diversify their operations to match user-expectations. But organizations today, are they following the right approach?

    In this episode of community talks, our speakers highlight the importance of horizontal integration within organizations and why approaching communities in a cross-functional way is paramount.


    What you’ll learn:

    • The journey of community enthusiasts from beginner to professional
    • Consistent community challenges faced by businesses
    • The importance of mapping business objectives
    • How data insights play a key role in the community
    • The impact of COVID on the community world
    • Best practices for community managers 2020

    Featured Speakers

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