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    Community Talks Ep 3: Role of Knowledge-Centered Service (KCS) and Self-service in the Community

    KCS helps in extending and scaling support capabilities and simultaneously reducing the staffing and budgetary resources. Technically quantifiable and qualitative benefits are unfolded by leveraging KCS.

    Self-service is a part of any community in which a customer can resolve a repetitive issue by just searching about it from the available knowledge resources. Thus, resulting in reduced costs and better customer experience.

    In this podcast, you will learn about the role of knowledge resources which are the cornerstone for the betterment of an online community.


    Key Highlights

    • How knowledge-intensive resources can help you grow your community
    • How KCS is helping support members and community leaders across the globe
    • Role of cognitive search in the community
    • Role of knowledge in elevating experience and enabling community for support
    • What makes the customer experience better throughout the community journey
    • How data drives customer success
    • What is the role of SearchUnify in enabling self-service for the community
    • Synthesis of community with KCS and its benefits

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