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    Grazitti Lithium Community Services

    This video talks about Grazitti’s extensive capabilities to create feature-rich and engaging Lithium Community services. At Grazitti, we create responsive page layouts, build custom components using the Lithium REST API, and customize the community with a flexibility of automatic monthly upgrades. Lithium community services features intuitive faceted, full-text and custom-built search. Grazitti provides advanced integrations for seamless flow between the community and existing systems. It provides integrations with Service Cloud, Zendesk, Rightnow, and others The advanced support capabilities offered by Grazitti include enabling advanced search options leading to case deflection, implemnting knowledge base for members to write, edit help content and integratying support to community with features like auto case creation & more. With advanced analytics and metrics solution you can measure your community’s performance, ROI, Case Deflection, CSAT, and more. We have built custom Lithium communities for customers like OpenTable, Optimizely, Centrify and more. We’re there to take your online community to the next level. Get in touch with our community experts at [email protected].