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    Win with Online Communities

    Online communities and private social networks are driving your future! Companies like Cisco and Mint use them to reduce support costs. TechSmith and National Instruments use them to get new product ideas and feedback. Autodesk and Marketo use them to improve customer engagement. Bellmedia and giffgaff use them to generate new customers. Many great platforms can help you build an amazing community. Some other popular ones are Salesforce, Jive, WordPress, Lithium, Drupal and Microsoft Sharepoint. So, how to choose the one that is best for you? You need to consider factors like platform stability, scalability, flexibility and customization, mobile capabilities, license fee, development cost, setup and deployment time, out of box plugins, support and maintenance. Out of all these platforms, one platform that satisfies all these conditions and comes with the richest out of the box capabilities is Salesforce. It has recorded exponential growth in the last few years and Gartner too declared it as a leader in the magic quadrant for social software in 2013. Communities built on Salesforce have helped companies achieve high win rate, efficient customer support and better user engagement. Salesforce communities come with CRM integration, security, scalability, stability, social integration and more out of the box. This makes it the platform of choice. But is that enough to make sure users do not leave your community? No, it’s not. To make sure your community stands out, you need to have out-of-box Salesforce community plus features like responsive layout, better design, gamification and more. This is where we come in. We provide ready to use custom Salesforce community in just few weeks. In a custom Salesforce community, we offer custom Salesforce objects, custom look and feel, full text search, gamification and more. Based on the extensive experience in working on Salesforce communities, we have designed 3 packages- basic, standard and premium. Want to see an example of our work? Look at the Marketo support community. This driving and award winning community has grown to more than 43 thousand registered users in the last 3 years. It has features like full text search integration, gamification with Badgeville and service cloud integration. Like Marekto, we have built communities for companies like Alteryx, Lancope, Jasper wireless and more. So, whether you want a customer community, developer community, partner community or support community we do it all right from figuring out features to include development and management. With our expertise, on-demand services, cost-effective services you will love your community. To know more about our community development services and packages, drop us a line at [email protected] and explore more at