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    Grazitti Service Cloud Customization

    Service cloud is the world’s leading application for customer service giving a whole 360-degree view of customers. Service cloud is a platform that enhances customer engagement as well as customer experience. Hereafter, with service cloud implementations, you can ensure up to 34% increased customer retention, 37% increased customer satisfaction and 40% increased agent productivity. But what if you come across this common customer, employee and business challenges? One, what if your customers’ expectations are different from your perception? Two, what if your support team lacks the spark of motivation? Three, what if there is a drop in your case solutions and sales? Developing a cloud strategy is no longer a matter of if or a matter of how? Cloud strategy can significantly reduce costs, offer instant scalability and improve your business agility and for this right cloud strategy, we welcome you to Grazitti. With our expert Salesforce certified team, we helped our customers get the most from the service cloud. Marketo experienced 25% increase in overall case deflection, 90% improvement in CSAT and 51% dip in SLA violations. Ping Identity has 9000+ registered users with customized user interface and features for their support community. Alteryx saw 250% increase in product enhancement ideas, 257% rise in user votes and 636% boost in a number of user logins. Grazitti with its out of the box functionalities offers custom service cloud development, service cloud strategy and set up, 3rd party integrations and support and maintenance. Along with a gamut of added services like survey integration, case deflection mechanisms, SLA implementation and workflows for case quality, automation of case routing, support portal, and knowledge management. So now, when it is about leveraging your service cloud instances, you know where to land right. Fly straight to Grazitti, drop us a line at [email protected], give us a call on +1 (650) 585-6640 or visit us at