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    Create your own story using Alteryx

    This video talks about how Grazitti creates real stories with your data using Predictive Intelligence. The services offered by Grazitti include- sales predictive analytics, marketing predictive analytics, contact washing machine, data visualization, analytics apps, enterprise data management and more. Sales predictive analytics involves analyzing historical data sets predicting up to 90% accurate forecasts, prioritizing sales opportunities beforehand and using macros & dashboards to focus on right opportunities. Marketing predictive analytics includes predictive lead scoring through demographics & behaviors, finding indicators helping to generate more revenue and enriching leads for predictive market segmentation. Contact Washing Machine helps in filtering, cleaning, normalizing and enriching large data records. Data Visualization includes visual reporting & analyzing to mine deeper into data, extracting most out of any data by interactive analytic apps, and analyzing geospatial data by geo-visualization. Business reporting involves automated reporting for easy report scheduling, creation & merging, creating interactive real-time dashboards and eliminating repetitive error-prone tasks. Quick analytics solution helps in building customized analytical apps for your business needs, providing real-time analysis of events, and enabling advanced statistics for changing numbers. Enterprise Data Management helps in creating & managing data warehouse, implementing automation and enriching existing data from 3rd party resources. Our comprehensive, integrated business intelligence solutions turns your everyday data obstacles into opportunities, delivers end-to-end solutions that express full value of your existing data and analyzes customer insights into profit driven decisions. Grazitti offers big data solution for every role, function and industry like retail analytics for agile & smart decision making, insurance analytics for customer risk & claims litigation predictions and healthcare analytics for patient centric, data-driven decisions. Get in touch with our data scientists today. Write to us at [email protected].