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    Enhance User Experience & Drive Engagement on Salesforce-Powered Communities With Digital Adoption

    Technology is ever-changing in the modern world!

    Implementing new technologies in your business processes is the way forward in today’s tech-savvy world. And Salesforce is always at the forefront of these latest technologies.

    The fact that 54% of organizations worldwide prioritize digital transformation proves this[1].

    However, technology is only as good as the ability of the users to make the most out of it.

    And to get the most out of your Salesforce-powered community, you need to keep your employees and customers at the core of your digital adoption efforts. For this, you need to onboard employees & users using a digitized approach rather than a traditional one.

    And, this is where digital adoption platforms come into the picture.


    Digital adoption, when done effectively, leads to better use of new technology in an organization. It helps you enable your customers and employees to onboard new platforms quickly and effectively.

    In this Infographic, we will learn about the digital adoption strategies that can help businesses stay on par with the technology adoption curve, how they can measure the success of digital adoption efforts and solutions to the challenges faced by businesses while onboarding customers on a new platform.

    To see this infographic in high quality, click here.

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