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    Multi-Touch Attribution – Why Does It Matter?

    56% of marketers believe attribution is important, while a further 33% believe it’s nothing short of critical. The reason why these marketers have this whip-smart belief is because they’ve been through the struggle of showing the direct ROI on their marketing spend. You need just the right marketing attribution model to effectively evaluate your campaign performance. Choosing that model is no child’s play either.

    Of all the marketing attribution models that are available, the multi-touch attribution model has proven to be the closest thing to accurate attribution. This model divides credit to the campaigns, keywords, platforms, and all the touch points that contribute to a sale.

    Don’t let marketing attribution hit you like a ‘stupefy spell’. Check out this crisp infographic, “Multi-touch Attribution – Why Does it Matter”, to make your marketing attribution life easier.

    To view this infographic in high resolution, click here.


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