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    What Makes MadCap Flare the Best Content Management Tool?

    Managing websites and blogs is one of the most work-intensive tasks, but when done well, they can be an asset to increasing traffic and revenue.

    Needless to say, websites need to be managed on a regular basis. This means creating new content, updating the site with fresh information, or even modifying the layout of the website.

    So, how do you simplify these processes?

    Enter – content management tools.

    But with so many content management applications available online, it’s overwhelming to choose the right one.

    Not anymore.

    Introducing – MadCap Flare.

    An all-in-one content management application to manage, edit, and publish your content all at once.

    In this infographic, you will get a clear idea of why people prefer MadCap Flare instead of Adobe FrameMaker and Adobe RoboHelp.

    To view this infographic in high resolution, click here.

    MadCap Flare comparison with Adobe FrameMaker & Adobe RoboHelp