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    Improving Conversions with Landing Pages

    This video highlights how you can improve conversions with landing pages. What is a landing page? Landing page is any page on a website where traffic is sent specifically to prompt a certain action or result. It displays logical information that pertains directly to the keywords searched. Using well optimized landing page you can achieve increase of over 50% from your organic and paid campaigns. Landing pages create a strong impact on lead generation, and it’s essential to connect your every marketing campaign with a custom landing page for improving your page conversion goal. This video discusses 9 tips to improve page conversion rate which involves having attractive layout and clean formatting with well-written headlines, images, and CTA button; shorter forms for simple and precise format; content for keeping the message succinct; compelling call to action; Avoiding visual clutter for reducing delay in page-load time; testimonials for gaining trust of users; responsive design for ensuring perfect look of your page; social connections and saying thank you for ensuring the success of the registration. Grazitti offers expert Landing Pages services which include custom landing page design, compelling copywriting, easy to use forms and A/B testing.