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    Build an Idea-Powered Community in Salesforce With IdeasPro

    With Salesforce Experience Cloud, you have a great opportunity to gather some of the best ideas from your community members and employees.

    However, gathering an idea is just the first step towards success. Ideas must be nourished and effectively used for innovation.

    Grazitti’s Salesforce-native and Lightning-ready solution, IdeasPro, helps you do just that with its exclusive features such as Gamification, Automated Idea Account Mapping, Idea Merge Scheduler, and more.

    And that’s what our experts, Kajal Chib and Swayam Arora will discuss in this podcast. They will provide key insights on why there is a need for a customizable ideas management solution in Salesforce Lightning and Classic Experience for organizations and how IdeasPro is a viable solution to do it right.


    Here’s What You’ll Learn:

    • Importance of Ideas Generated in Salesforce Experience Cloud
    • Challenges You Might Face With Native Idea Management Functionality on Salesforce
    • Why Choose a Customizable Solution For Idea Management in Salesforce Experience Cloud
    • IdeasPro and its Exclusive Features

    Featured Speakers