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    Community Talks Ep 12: The Use of Language in Online Communities

    The language that you use in your community has a major impact on your relationship with your customers. It influences your brand’s identity and even impacts the overall performance of your online community.

    Therefore, using the right language in your online community is of utmost importance as it establishes a positive tone with simple words and encourages people to share their thoughts more openly.

    In this episode of community talks, our speakers share their take on the use of language in online communities as it relates to member diversity, inclusion, and much more.

    They also talk about lurkers, events, and how to convert discussions into a rich exchange of ideas.

    marketing podcast

    What you’ll learn:

    • The areas brands need to improve and grow around language
    • The beneficial impact of lurkers in communities
    • How the HER app pivoted its events from in-person to virtual

    Featured Speakers

    Check out our latest episode of Community Talks to unlock the full potential of online communities with Grazitti’s community experts. Click here to know more about our online community services and our CMaaS offerings.