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    Community Talks Ep. 4: How Internal Communities Can Power the Remote Workforce

    Remote work has become the new norm now. As the coronavirus disrupts normal life and confines people to their homes, powering this remote workforce becomes absolutely critical.

    This is where an internal community comes in.

    The concept of internal communities and collaboration is not new, but with the remote workforce growing, it’s the right time to empower them.

    In this episode of Community Talks, John Summers speaks about the internal community—a social intranet tool that is reliable, scalable, and flexible. As work-life boundaries blur, how can an internal community be instrumental in cohesive employee collaboration?

    Well, lend your ears to our latest episode and find out.


    Here are a few things that John will be talking about in this episode of Community Talks:

    • How to use social intranet for internal collaboration
    • Perks of social intranet
    • Building the right connection among employees
    • MSignificance of team spaces
    • Value of training and development opportunities during remote working
    • Importance of gamification

    Featured Speaker

    Together we can make the remote working transition a great experience for employees through the internal community. Navigating immediate disruptions like the coronavirus outbreak while also remaining focused on long-term goals, a systemic transition is the need of the hour. To know more about our online community services, visit here.