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    Episode 3 – The Ultimate Combination of React and Node.JS

    Over the last couple of years, web application development has come a long way, thanks to the emergence of programming languages and frameworks.

    And out of many, React and Node.js have been stealing all the limelight and become the preferred choice for many developers today.

    The two frameworks have helped several developers create scalable web apps with low latency and high performance.

    According to experts, developers can immensely benefit from the ultimate combination of these two frameworks in the future.

    In this episode, Grazitti’s WebDev mavens discuss why you should combine these two modern technologies and how they will help you build easy-to-maintain web apps.


    Here’s What You’ll learn:

    • What React and Node.js have to offer
    • Benefits of combining these 2 technologies
    • Key reasons that make React and Node.JS a perfect combination for web development
    • What is Microservices Architecture

    Featured Speakers