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    GDPR: The Sprint and The Marathon, Episode #1: Deciphering the Premise

    Living in a digital world, with not a trace of perfect cybersecurity, data protection has never been more indispensable. Enter – GDPR! For you not to be oblivious to the concept, we bring to you our podcast series “GDPR: The Sprint and the Marathon”.

    Tune in to listen to the complete Episode 1, Deciphering the Premise, of our podcast series “GDPR: The Sprint and the Marathon”.

    Featured Speakers

    What’s in it for you?

    • The importance of Consent under EU GDPR
    • The low-down of Penalties for GDPR noncompliance
    • The cognizance of the Increased Territorial Scope of EU GDPR
    If you need assistance building and executing your GDPR compliance plan, you could reach us at or [email protected]